First Time Gun Buyers Surged in 2020

"The Gun Store" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by RtotheJ

In America, the constitutional right to keep and bear arms remains under attack from the left. Democrats are repeatedly seeking out ways to infringe upon and ultimately erode this critical right for American citizens. 

However, if new stats are any indication, Democrats will have quite a battle on their hands. In 2020, gun purchases surged; however, the data gets even more interesting when closely analyzed. 

“The gun store” (CC BY 2.0) by rjshade

According to Newsmax, two in ten Americans who purchased firearms last year were actually first time gun buyers. 

What to Know About First Time Gun Buyers in the United States

Across the board, more and more Americans began purchasing guns in 2020. There were several reasons for this; uncertainty about the outcome of the 2020 presidential election and hence gun laws were a stronger factor. Another reason boiled down to the violent riots carried out by Black Lives Matter and other violent militants on the left. 

The rise in gun ownership stems across gender and race. According to findings, 50% of first time firearm buyers in 2020 were women. Another 20% of people to buy guns for the very first time were black with 20% more being Hispanic. 

In another interesting turn of events, AR-15 rifles were the most popular purchased firearm. This happened in response to Biden’s vows to do away with these weapons. 

Pushing Back Against the Anti-Second Amendment Agenda

Democrats have made their interest in taking guns away from law-abiding Americans very clear. They’ve openly said on debate stages “hell yes, we’re [coming for] your guns.” The left also remains heavily in favor of mandatory buyback programs. 

With Biden in the White House, he’s already signed executive orders to infringe on Second Amendment rights; however, seeing as executive action can only do so much, Biden is urging Democrats in Congress to pass gun control bills. 

Republicans governors, thankfully, have taken measures to limit the impact of Biden’s anti-gun orders in their states. In fact, several GOP states already passed open carry laws, as in keeping with the Second Amendment. 

Right now, Democrats in the House and Senate are rallying to end the filibuster; doing this will allow them to pass virtually any piece of radical legislation without getting 60 Senate votes. A few moderate Democrats in the Senate are opposing the removal of the filibuster; however, Republicans are striving to win the midterms anyway. 

If the GOP is able to regain the majority in the House, this will allow for another layer of pushback against the Biden administration. It will also ensure that the filibuster is not the only defense in Congress against the socialist, extremist agenda of Democrats. 

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