First Lady's Chief of Staff Resigns After Rioters Breach Capitol Hill

"First Lady Melania Trump at the White Ho" (Public Domain) by The White House

Yesterday, blood poured in Washington D.C. Multiple Trump supporters (with rumors of Antifa infiltrating the group) forced their way inside Capitol Hill, prompting clashes with law enforcement officers. Individuals furthermore took the liberty of smashing Capitol Hill windows, breaking into the offices of Congress members, etc.

“The White House Congressional Ball” (Public Domain) by The White House

The destruction and chaos resulted in the death of four people, one of them being a female veteran who also supported President Trump. At least 52 individuals faced arrests on Wednesday; although, there are calls for law enforcement officers to use surveillance of the event to find each responsible party.
Many folks in D.C. were spooked after the breach upon Capitol Hill. This resulted in certain aides promptly leaving their posts. Stephanie Grisham, First Lady Melania Trump’s chief of staff, is one person who quit after the events in the nation’s capital, confirms Newsmax.

The Details of Grisham’s Resignation

Yesterday, the first lady’s chief of staff confirmed that she would no longer continue her position. While Grisham did not specifically cite the reason why, sources close to the now-former chief of staff sure did.
Per reports, Grisham remained on the fence about leaving her job for quite some time; however, the ruckus caused on Capitol Hill yesterday solidified her decision to get out. Grisham is furthermore rumored to feel a sense of embarrassment regarding the demonstrators who broke into Capitol Hill.

Yesterday evening, the former White House aide took to Twitter with an announcement of her resignation. Grisham cited working for the first lady as an “honor” before directing her followers to her personal Twitter page.

Additional White House Resignations

Grisham is not the only White House aide to submit her resignation after what happened on Capitol Hill yesterday. Deputy White House press secretary Sarah Matthews left her post, saying she felt “deeply disturbed” by yesterday’s events. Another resignation arrived from White House social secretary Rickie Niceta.

With less than two weeks remaining until President Trump’s White House term expires, Congress did wind up certifying Joe Biden as the next president. The remaining 13 days of Trump’s time in office will be undoubtedly impacted by the displays the nation witnessed yesterday.
Are you surprised that multiple White House aides quit their jobs after the descent upon Capitol Hill yesterday? Do you think more aides will resign from their posts in the next 13 days? Let us know in the comments section below.