First Lady Purposefully Works to Aid Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration levels are higher than they’ve been in decades, thanks to the inept leadership coming from the White House. When Biden slithered his way into the Oval Office, one of his first orders of business was ripping down as many policies from the Trump administration as possible.

The nation is not better off for this. Border Patrol agents are getting put through the wringer; meanwhile, drug gangs, cartels, human traffickers, and other unsavory characters are having a field day.

Word has it the Biden administration will soon re-implement the Remain in Mexico policy from the Trump administration. However, this is only happening because Biden’s been ordered to do this by the courts.

Amid all this, Fox News is reporting that First Lady Jill Biden is now purposefully working to aid, rather than lessen, illegal immigration in the United States.

Jill Biden’s Complicity in Illegal Immigration

Within the past week, Jill Biden openly promoted on Twitter El Centro Academy. Many Americans may not be familiar with El Centro Academy; however, it’s funded by leftist donors.

The association backed by these donors has openly released videos expressing how illegal aliens can evade law enforcement after breaking into the United States. It goes without saying this sentiment is the last thing America needs right now.

The country is facing an existential open border crisis. The president of the United States is doing nothing; however, his wife is openly promoting organizations that want to impede authorities from upholding America’s immigration laws.

It doesn’t get more tone-deaf than this; however, this type of attitude and disregard for what’s happening in America is par for the course with Biden in office.

Jill Biden may not be the president or a government official; however, she’s right there by her husband’s side, cheering him on as he wages war on freedom, law and order, and overall American greatness.

Stopping Illegal Immigration

It is inexcusable that President Biden ripped away the immigration policies that kept the southern border in good shape; then, when this backfired and led to rampant, illegal border crossings, the president simply ignored the crisis altogether.

Stopping illegal immigration is vital. The fact the president is ignoring this issue and violating his oath of office which includes enforcing federal immigration laws is grounds for him to be impeached and removed from the White House.

The levels of illegal immigration at the southern border pose a national security risk. These ongoing issues leave the nation more vulnerable to terrorist attacks, especially with Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan having full access to U.S. military weapons.

This, apparently, is what the 46th president believes to be “building back better.”

What do you think about the current first lady openly promoting illegal immigration amid the present border crisis? Let us get a look at your thoughts below in the comments area.