Fewer Than Five in Ten Americans Approve of Biden

Joe Biden’s leadership has consequences, as do elections. More folks throughout the nation are beginning to see that perhaps former President Trump’s so-called mean tweets weren’t so bad over the past four years. 

Many people who voted for Biden are now disappointed that his presidency hasn’t cracked up to what they expected. There are numerous public tweets of people complaining because they’re paying more for everyday living expenses with Biden in office. Some Biden voters are even blasting their president for failing to act on behalf of Cuban protesters rising up against a communist, authoritarian regime. 

There’s a lot happening in the country and in the world right now. The longer Biden remains in the White House, the more people grow angry with him. This is reflected in the president’s latest approval rating, as Breitbart News confirms. 

Rasmussen Reports on Biden’s Approval Rating

Today, Rasmussen Reports released a new survey, assessing the public’s approval, or lack thereof, of President Biden. The latest numbers inform that only 46% of Americans approve of Biden; meanwhile, a whopping 52% now disapprove of the current president. 

These numbers mark a pattern of ongoing falls in support of Biden. It also comes as the president does nothing to end inflation, restore law and order at the U.S.-Mexico border or help the Cuban people.

However, the Biden administration does admittedly take time to observe what Americans are posting about COVID-19 and then flag whatever they don’t like. The White House also somehow arrived at the conclusion that having officials go to the homes of Americans who haven’t gotten the COVID vaccine is a good idea. 

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is furthermore under fire about a lack of transparency regarding COVID number in the White House. All in all, there are a lot of messes happening with this administration; Americans can see this for what it is. 

Foreshadowing for the 2022 Midterms? 

President Biden’s leadership is a picture perfect image of what things look like when Democrats are in charge. It is very clear that most of the country isn’t pleased with what they are currently seeing. 

As things presently stand, the declining approval of Biden could foreshadow voters standing up and voting against his agenda, come 2022. Historically, the party controlling the White House during an “off” congressional election season tends to lose anyway. 

This, along with the growing disapproval of President Biden, indicates that voters may be willing to get Republicans back into the Senate and House majorities, come 2022. Democrats are also already nervous about election integrity bills hurting their chances in the midterms. 

What do you think about the fact that less than five in ten Americans now approve of Joe Biden? Do you believe his approval ratings will keep on sinking? Let us know in the comments section below.