Fewer Americans are Worried About Coronavirus


The Democrat Party and medical establishment have done everything they can to milk COVID for all it’s worth. They’ve reported selective information about the virus in order to rile people up and create fear.

Meanwhile, so-called health officials have repeatedly gone back and forth, moving the goalposts on what all is necessary to beat the virus. Meanwhile, at the same time “experts” claim we’re still in a pandemic, healthcare workers are being fired for not taking the COVID vaccine.

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There are too many pieces of this puzzle that simply don’t fit. What’s more is that a growing number of Americans are waking up to the games being played here. As Breitbart News has documented, people in the nation are more worried about the economy than COVID.

Facing Facts Amid an Economic Crisis

As health officials keep changing their tune on COVID and the subsequent vaccines, the American public is facing a real economic crisis. Prices are getting more and more expensive, thanks to inflation. Meanwhile, many people are struggling just to stay afloat.

The present predicament of the U.S. economy is reflected in an Ipsos poll that came out earlier this week. According to the poll, 22% of Americans cited economic issues as matters of concern; meanwhile, just 13% confirmed their worries about health and medical issues.

Make no mistake; the blame for the current economic crisis rests squarely in the hands of President Biden. It is his policies and backwards bills that have led to inflation. He promised not to increase taxes on earners below $400K annually; yet, it is the middle and poorer classes feeling the hardest hits from inflation.

This president has thrust many Americans on a dark path with no end in sight. This has many people doing all they can just to keep their heads above water. Biden owns this crisis and must be held accountable.

Beating a Dead Horse

It’s readily apparent that Democrats and the medical establishment don’t intend to stop beating the dead horse that is COVID. This virus has given power-hungry tyrants an abundance of opportunities to control others and make a profit.

This is why Tony Fauci continues to advocate for more vaccine mandates and restrictions on the American public; yet, the moment Fauci is asked about natural immunity, he suddenly doesn’t have any answers.

Fauci has never been short of answers when it comes to promoting the COVID vaccine and declaring Americans should toss our freedoms to the wayside for the so-called greater good.

Do you think more Americans are waking up to the games being played when it comes to COVID? How much longer do you think leaders will keep trying to beat this dead horse? Sound off below in the comments section.