Federal Reserve Reveals Harm of COVID Vaccine Mandates

Democrats at all levels of government have been pushing COVID vaccine mandates nationwide. These leftists have absolutely no respect for individuals’ rights to make their own medical choices. They also have no regard for what happens if someone is mandated to take the COVID vaccine and then suffers an extremely bad reaction from the shot.

The situation has come down to people’s jobs being threatened if they don’t get vaccinated against COVID. Many workers across the nation are deciding to still resist the mandate, even if this means them being fired. Others are quitting their jobs or bringing lawsuits against employers to defeat the mandate.

President Biden is in la-la land. He’s dismissing any reports of the calamity coming from these mandates, claiming the mandates work. However, the Federal Reserve has a very different outlook on COVID vaccine mandates, as Breitbart News notes.

The Federal Reserve on COVID Vaccine Mandates

In the professed “Beige Book,” the Federal Reserve has a pretty haunting account on COVID vaccine mandates. The body’s declarations note that massive rates of turnover are being enabled and furthered by problems with childcare and vaccine mandates.

What the Federal Reserve is saying remains in alignment with real time events happening in America. Just earlier this month, Southwest Airlines lost around $75 million after having to cancel thousands of flights.

News quickly broke that these flight cancellations were due to Southwest workers protesting against the company’s COVID vaccine mandate. Southwest denied this; however, days later, they also backed down from their previous plan to have unvaccinated employees sentenced to unpaid leave as they seek exemptions from the vaccine mandate.

Likewise, many police officers across the nation are fighting back against the COVID vaccine mandates being implemented by Democrat mayors and Democrat governors. Cities are therefore in danger of losing large swaths of first responders if they follow through on their promises to fire unvaccinated workers.

Pushback from Republican Leaders

Since Republicans do not control the House or Senate, they are very limited at what they can do at the federal level. However, Republican governors are not as limited and they’re pushing back hard against these COVID vaccine mandates.

Right now, the Republican governors of both Florida and Texas are working to pass laws through the state legislatures which prohibit vaccine mandates. Likewise, both Governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott have signaled their plans to take legal action against President Biden over these mandates.

The battle over COVID vaccine mandates is going to have to keep playing out. Ultimately, only one side can win. Pro-mandate and anti-mandate ideologies are inherently at odds with one another. Right now, let’s hope too many Americans aren’t destroyed in the crossfire.

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