FBI Staring Down Additional Troubling Accusations

The FBI is skating on very thin ice these days. Many Americans don’t trust the organization. They view it as corrupt, compromised by the Biden administration, and not acting on behalf of the public.

Others believe the FBI plays a direct role in upholding what’s been described as the United States’ two-tiered justice system. This is a situation where one set of rules exists for the rich and powerful, while a separate set exists for everyday people.

Now, one key congressman just shined a light on suspicions about the FBI and confirmed some very popular theories about the organization, according to The Federalist.

Cat’s Out of the Bag Now

According to Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, the FBI used its power to label damning information about Joe Biden and his relatives as Russian misinformation. Grassley says this was done despite the information in question being very much credible.

Furthermore, the senator revealed the FBI had a direct agenda to “bury” criminal information that implicated the Biden family. This information included accounts from a whistleblower which detailed the wrongdoings of the now-president and his relatives.

All things considered here, at least part of the explicit agenda looks to be ensuring that the federal investigation into Hunter Biden amounts to absolutely nothing.

What Happens Now?

Grassley’s remarks come amid reports that Attorney General Merrick Garland is in on the coverup as well. According to a whistleblower who works within the IRS, federal officials worked to kill various tax charges that would have otherwise been brought against Hunter.

Further reports indicated that Joe Biden himself is working with Garland and others in order to protect his son. Hunter’s also been seen accompanying his father on several business trips in recent months.

In light of all that’s transpired, many Americans believe the fix is in and the Biden family ultimately won’t face accountability for any crimes they may have committed.