FBI Fiasco: Top Senate Republicans demand reopening of the Hillary investigation

Now that the Mueller probe is over, exonerating the President of any wrongdoing, top Senate Republicans have reached out to the Attorney General demanding that he begins to investigate how the FBI handled themselves regarding Hillary Clintons email debacle, in which approximately 33,000 subpoenaed emails were purposely destroyed.
In a letter sent to Attorney General Bill Barr on Tuesday, declaring that the Justice Department can no longer use the Mueller investigation as an excuse to dodge oversight by the three most powerful committees within the Senate, chaired independently by Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham and Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee Ron Johnson.
“Now that the Special Counsel’s investigation has concluded, we are unaware of any legitimate basis upon which the Department can refuse to answer the Judiciary Committee’s inquiries,” the GOP Senators wrote to Barr.
The GOP Senators had previously reached out to Inspector General Michael Horowitz, requesting information on a classified appendix that was released in June of 2018 titled, “A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election.”
“The classified appendix raises significant issues associated with the FBI’s failure to review certain highly classified information in support of its Midyear investigation,” the Senators wrote, referring to the code name the FBI gave to Hillary’s email investigation.
“In particular, the Inspector General noted that it learned that the FBI acquired classified material that ‘may have included information potentially relevant to the Midyear investigation.’
The FBI even drafted a memorandum in May of 2016 stating that access to the information was ‘necessary to complete the investigation.’ However, that memorandum was never completed.”
Horowitz’s initial report on James Comey was extremely damning to the former FBI Director along with tarnishing the reputation of the FBI. The Inspector General stated that Comey was “insubordinate” and “affirmatively concealed” information from the Justice Department regarding Hillary Clinton’s investigation into her private email server.
Those same FBI agents who handled the investigation into Hillary’s private server moved over onto Mueller’s team to begin investigating President Trump and his associates.
No doubt the biggest concern for the FBI is the information that’s already out there, regarding how they mishandled the investigation by actually exonerating Hillary before agents interviewed 17 witnesses, moreover handing out immunity to several of Hillary’s cohorts, without even bothering to interview them regarding any information or evidence.
In another interesting twist regarding the special treatment Hillary received from investigators, the DOJ along with Hillary’s lawyers reached a secret agreement not to investigate anything related to the Clinton Foundation.
Perhaps even more telling regarding the FBI’s willful attempt to sweep the entire scandal under the rug is how Judicial Watch’s President Tom Fitton has been announcing one lawsuit after another forcing the FBI under the “Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to hand out additional information about secretive communications in late 2016 between a top Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer and the FBI’s then-general counsel.
Fitton asked in announcing the lawsuits, “How and why did the FBI pay Christopher Steele, who was already being funded by the Clinton campaign and DNC through Fusion GPS?” Adding, “That we had to sue for this basic information shows the FBI may have something more to hide.”
FBI records uncovered by Judicial Watch shows that Steele was paid at least 11-times in 2016 by the bureau, although the FBI claims it dropped Steele in November of that same year
in yet another lawsuit uncovering additional evidence Fitton has vowed to “fully expose the scandalous collusion between the Obama FBI and the Clinton-DNC political operation to target Hillary Clinton’s political opponent, Donald J. Trump.”