Farmers Have Bad News About Inflation

Inflation serves as one of the most prominent hazards to the American people. Costs are rising much faster than the income earned by the average individual. That’s not to mention interest rates which are repeatedly getting hiked by the Federal Reserve.

The White House has tried every which way to dismiss threats posed by inflation and write it off as not a serious problem. Although Americans who are faced with having to spend more and more money just for the basics live with a very different experience.

Unfortunately, the costs of goods like food are not likely to go down anytime soon. This was recently confirmed by one farmer based in Idaho, per Newsmax.

The Reality of Food Supply in the United States

Not too long ago, farmer Shay Myers sat down with Newsmax to discuss the challenges that farmers are facing when it comes to producing and supplying food.

For one thing, goods like fertilizer are just becoming more expensive to come upon. Meanwhile, farming itself has gotten a little over three times more costly than the 11% price hike that everyday Americans are seeing in food.

Shay informed Newsmax that within the next six months to nine months, Americans are going to see food costs rise by about 34%. Farmers aren’t in the position to continue working if they don’t raise their own costs of doing business.

Later came a warning from Myers about the threats of farmland being quickly purchased by foreigners from China and other similar regimes. This is something the farmer says the US government should be very closely looking into.

More Inflation on the Horizon

Myers’ remarks on Newsmax ultimately reveal that there’s no telling when America will finally be able to write inflation off as finished.

There’s a domino effect at work here. When suppliers and producers see their costs rise, sooner or later, consumers are going to feel the impact of this as well.

At this point, if suppliers and producers weren’t rising their costs to counterbalance inflation, they would be operating at a loss and eventually find themselves not being able to work entirely.

Naturally, this would create systemic shortages and a laundry list of new problems for the American people.

One critical step to bringing down inflation rates is going to be for the federal government to stop spending. Unfortunately, Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for this to happen either.

Democrats in Congress have already put their heads together on a brand new spending bill known as the Inflation Reduction Act. Republicans and fiscal conservatives are warning this legislation will do the exact opposite of what its name says.

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.