Fake News Media, Not Democrats, Cited as "Biggest Obstacle" for Trump 2020 Campaign

As the 2020 presidential election gets closer, Democrats have been trying to convince themselves that they serve as the biggest threats and obstacles to a re-election victory for Donald Trump.
However, the facts simply don’t bear this out. The Daily Caller News Foundation reports that, per Team Trump’s own admission, the mainstream media serves as the “biggest obstacle,” not Democrats.

Frustration with the Mainstream Media

Many members of the Trump 2020 re-election campaign have noted feelings of frustration when dealing with the mainstream media. This is largely due to the tendency which the media has to misrepresent stories, promote fake news, and push their own biased agendas.
Now, the media pulled these stunts all throughout the 2016 presidential election and it’s looking like they’re gearing up for another go-round in 2020.
CNN’s far-left Jim Acosta was recently caught in yet another lie about President Trump…and Team Trump called Acosta out on it.
See for yourself:

Since the mainstream media has such a large platform, calling out fake news when it’s visibly apparent is very important. This is something which happened in 2016 and will continue to happen throughout the 2020 election. The American people must not stand for a dishonest press.

Why Aren’t Democrats an Obstacle?

Democrats aren’t an obstacle to the Trump 2020 re-election campaign because Democrats aren’t a threat. This is the reality which many on the left don’t want to face. They would like to think of themselves as formidable, but in reality, they are a laughingstock.
Democrats have continued to push for far-left policies which are not realistic and will fail to win them a victory in a general election. Left-wing policies are so radical that they’re no longer capable of reaching anyone who isn’t a staunch, progressive extremist.
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