Facebook Slams Biden White House for “Killing People” Claims


The White House is quickly getting ahead of itself when it comes to the promotion of the coronavirus vaccine. Earlier this month, the White House engendered nationwide condemnation after announcing their plan to set up a door-to-door vaccination program.

Massive amounts of people came out against this; shortly thereafter, polling revealed that more than five in ten Americans are against the door-to-door vaccination program. 

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On Friday, the White House yet again got too big for its britches. In a conversation with reporters, President Biden accused Facebook of “killing people” by allowing supposed disinformation about coronavirus vaccines on its platform.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki also stated that alleged “misinformation” about COVID vaccines on Facebook needs to be flagged. Yesterday, the White House fired back against these assertions from the Biden administration, as Townhall confirms. 

Facebook vs. the White House

In response to comments from President Biden and the White House press secretary, a spokesperson for Facebook released a very direct statement. In this statement, Facebook professed that it wouldn’t get sidetracked by charges that are not “supported by the facts.”

Facebook didn’t stop there. The social media company then explained that millions and billions of people have used their site to find COVID vaccination centers and learn real information about coronavirus and vaccines. 

Later, Facebook stated that the facts of the matter prove that they’re saving lives, contrary to assertions from the Biden White House. Facebook’s statement comes amid revelations that the White House is pressing the social media giant to censor so-called misinformation. 

Since Facebook’s response, the White House has not issued a reply. However, the Biden administration has been very clear that they’ll continue pushing the COVID vaccine. Despite all this promotion, however, the White House is steering clear of any talk about adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine.

More Shots in Arms? 

It is very clear that the White House wants more shots in arms; however, they’re approach they’re taking is not going to work. 

The American public has already been clear that they don’t want government officials coming to their doors to promote the COVID vaccine. Meanwhile, the White House is under new fire after urging Facebook to increase its censorship of anyone making statements about COVID vaccines which run contrary to mainstream narratives. 

At this point, everyone is aware of the vaccine. People know it’s free and they know where to get it. People who are still unvaccinated at this time are not going to have their minds changed by antics coming from the White House.  

What do you think about the latest behavior of the Biden White House? Do you think the White House is convincing unvaccinated Americans to roll up their sleeves? Let us know below in the section for comments.