Exposed: Greatest Liberal Scam of All-Time

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware that the current government shutdown is underway due to the Democrats’ refusal to work with President Trump on effective border security. This involves the provision of funding for a physical barrier at the United States’ Southern border.

Everything You Need to Know

The Democrats continue doing everything they can to stonewall the president’s attempts to build a wall at the Southern border and halt the plight of illegal immigration into America. Many leaders of the Democrat Party have furthermore slammed the wall as racist, ineffective, and even wasteful. However, this is largely coming from politicians and individuals who live behind their own walls.
So apparently, it’s OK for the Democrats to have walls around their homes, but not OK for the American people to have a wall at the border, despite the current humanitarian crisis and approaching migrant caravans.

The Hypocrisy of the Wall Controversy

It’s important for Americans to understand that Democrats do not practice what they preach; this is what makes their opposition to the wall and the president’s other policies so hypocritical. If Democrats were truly fact-based and consistent, they would not argue against gun ownership while simultaneously¬†walking around with armed bodyguards. If they truly believed that walls were wasteful and ineffective, they would not have barriers around their homes.
You see, Democrats live by one set of rules, yet expect everyone else to abide by a different set of rules. They intentionally create problems and then swoop in with very flimsy solutions and repeat the process over and over again. This allows them to remain in power, whilst duping their supporters and backers into believing that they’re champions of the working class. It truly is one of the greatest scams of all time.
What do you think about the current controversy which is happening in our country regarding the border wall? How do you feel about the neverending hypocrisy of the Democrats? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know!
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