Even Democrat Actress Disgusted with Far-Left Crime Apocalypse in San Francisco

San Francisco has become so brutal that even Hollywood actress Sara Foster, a staunch Democratic Party supporter, has gotten outraged with it; she took to social media to call the once proud city a “s—hole.”

Some Democrats Realize Woke Evil

Anti-American, Marxist-Communist radicals have completely managed to take the Democratic Party from within on the watch of President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden.

Previously unthinkable evil in the form of releasing violent criminals and destroying police forces has been shattering the once globally envied American way of life in communities nationwide, especially in Democrat-run cities – such as San Francisco.

“I have no words,” actress Sara Foster wrote on Instagram, before adding that San Francisco has been turned into “a complete s—hole.”

In the same post, she added she was a “registered Democrat,” but she has now become “confident” that leftist politicians in America “are ruining cities.”

Foster, record producer David Foster’s daughter who became famous after starring in the CW series 90210, declared further that the situation in question was “disgusting.”

Brutally Stabbed and Ignored by Onlookers

Her Instagram post came after tech billionaire Bob Lee, the co-founder of Cash-App, was murdered in the street like a stray dog, Breitbart News reported.

Last week, Lee, who was known for sticking to an ordinary lifestyle, got stabbed to death. Last Tuesday morning, the San Francisco police discovered Lee’s body with multiple wounds.

He was still alive but died late in the hospital; law enforcement hasn’t made any arrests.

Sara Foster’s outraged Instagram post included a screenshot of a New York Post article whose headline revealed a bystander simply ignored the dying Lee as the latter was beginning for help.

Video footage has emerged, showing the wounded man was “screaming for help” but he got ignored by multiple onlookers.

The report also points out Democratic politicians have turned San Francisco into “an urban hellscape” packed with crime, drugs, and homelessness.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.