Europe Bans Chemical Compounds Used in America

In recent years, there’s been more attention directed toward the health and wellness of Americans. Living a healthy lifestyle can prevent people from suffering critical medical issues that impede their ability to enjoy their later years.

Unfortunately, however, Americans seem to be getting less healthy, rather than more healthy. People are living increasingly sedentary lifestyles and not getting the physical activity that benefits their health all around.

Another issue that has a significant impact on the health of Americans is diet. Many people aren’t consuming as healthy a diet as they could. Although various chemical compounds and additives found in US food are a problem as well.

In fact, this has become so problematic that European countries banned the additives that many American citizens consume on a regular basis, according to CBS News.

What’s Going on Here?

In the United States, potassium bromate is a chemical compound used by a decent amount of food creators. It is often found within dough and many other products. Some folks may look at this and feel if it’s good enough to be used by food makers, then it can’t be all that bad.

However, Europe has a very different outlook on this. In fact, potassium bromate remains banned in Europe for what some experts deem to be very good reason.

Erik Millstone, a professor and expert on food additives in England, warns that potassium bromate could be not only noxious for public consumption, but could even play a role in tumor development.

Furthermore, Millstone believes the United States would do well to be more careful about not just potassium bromate, but also other chemical compounds and additives that are going into food these days.

Experts who are not based in the United States are also stating that what our nation’s people are consuming in food is certainly playing a role in our illnesses.

Offsetting the Harm?

Ideally, it would be great if noxious food additives and chemical compounds were not being ingested by Americans on a regular basis.

However, if this can’t happen, then it’s all the more imperative for our nation’s populace to partake in other lifestyle habits that are conducive to good health.

Staying physically active is one key step. Even spending 30 minutes per week walking is healthier than not walking at all and simply vegging out in front of the television.

Staying away from drugs and alcohol, along with getting a good night’s rest on a consistent basis, are additional steps Americans can take to improve their odds of good health later down the line.

Are you concerned about our country consuming food additives and chemical compounds that are presently banned in Europe? You can let us know your thoughts about this latest development in the comments area.