Eric Trump: “War” Against Patriotism Very Much Alive

During July 4th weekend, Democrats spent their time trashing the United States. Multiple Democrat congressional members put out tweets declaring America as racist and furthermore professing their hatred for the country. 

Even the New York Times jumped in on the anti-America bandwagon this past weekend. The Times took pushback on Saturday for an article that deemed displays of the United States flag divisive and “political.” 

What’s most interesting is Democrats’ negative attitudes towards Americans who love this nation and celebrate it. Apparently, this offends the tender sensibilities of the left and they have no issue with making this known. 

This is why former first son Eric Trump is now warning about the existing “war” against patriotism, as Newsmax reports. 

Eric Trump on the Left’s War Against U.S. Patriotism

During an interview with Newsmax yesterday, Trump weighed in on where America currently is regarding different views on love of country. The former first son explained that Democrats are hell-bent on slashing the National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, and mentions of God. 

Trump noted that the leftist war against America and patriotism is one of the reasons why his father ran for the White House.

The second-eldest Trump son later criticized a recent video of college students trashing the United States and claiming they’re ashamed to be Americans; Trump explained that overseas visits to other nations would allow these college kids to truly appreciate the greatness of America. 

Finally, Trump laid into the poor leadership of Biden; the former first son ripped the current commander-in-chief for managing to “unravel” the United States in fewer than six months. Trump then made mention of the devastating consequences which stem from Biden’s policies. 

Anti-American Hatred from the Left

Democrats truly put their hatred of the nation on display over Independence Day weekend. They spent time spreading falsehoods about the nation’s origins, while failing to acknowledge steps America has taken to become a more perfect union. 

Leftist anti-American hatred is a war against patriotism, due to its evil and divisive nature. Democrats like Rep. Cori Bush also falsely claimed over July 4th weekend that African-Americans in the nation are not truly free. Not only is this an outright lie, but it also shows that Democrats have no limits. They will say or do anything to vilify and rip apart America. 

How unfortunate is it that leftists could not find it within themselves to set aside their hatred of the country even over Independence Day weekend, of all times? 

Do you agree with former first son Eric Trump? Is there an existing war on patriotism in the United States? Be sure to let us know your thoughts about these latest developments in the area meant for comments down below.