Eric Trump Issues Clear Warning to Biden

While the Democrat establishment pulls out all stops to get Joe Biden to be their nominee, the rest of Americans are not hesitating to hold the former vice president accountable.

Time and time again, Biden indicates that he lacks the fitness and temperament to become the next president of the United States. This does not just go away simply because the Democrat elites determine that the former vice president will make the most malleable and controllable nominee.

On Monday morning, first son Eric Trump sat down with the hosts of Fox & Friends for an interview regarding the 2020 election. As documented by Washington Examiner, the middle child of President Trump noted that his father will absolutely “destroy” Biden during general election debates.

Trump’s comments about the former vice president arrived in the wake of recent and then-forthcoming blunders from the latter.

Why Biden Doesn’t Stand a Chance in a General Election

When speaking with Fox & Friends, Eric Trump cited Biden’s countless errors as a central reason that the 2020 Democrat will lose to the president. Some of the most recent blunders included Biden’s claim that he’s running for the United States Senate and citing his deceased son, Beau, as the nation’s attorney general.

Trump’s interview also took place mere hours before the former vice president put his foot in his mouth two more times. Biden called Super Tuesday “Super Thursday” and forgot an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence.

Not long afterward, the first son then questioned what Pete Buttigieg was offered to bow out of the race and endorse Biden; the former mayor’s suspension of his campaign was not only sudden and unexpected, but also came despite his plans to campaign in Texas.

The Fate of Super Tuesday

Biden’s outcome in today’s Super Tuesday will undoubtedly be helped by not only Buttigieg’s endorsement, but also the ones from Amy Klobuchar and Beto O’Rourke. Yesterday, Eric Trump hit Biden on Twitter, stating that politicians such as the former vice president will do “anything” to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

The results of Super Tuesday will become apparent later tonight. Americans will also get a closer look at just how deep the hooks of the Democrat establishment are. 2020 marks the DNC’s second time of actively, purposefully, and shamelessly moving behind the scenes to ensure that Sanders is not the party’s nominee.

What do you think about Eric Trump’s warning to Joe Biden? How badly do you think the 2020 Democrat will be beaten if he wins the nomination and goes up against President Trump? Let us know in the comments section below!