Energy Secretary Dodges Inquiry on Critical Michigan Pipeline

Pipelines, natural gas, fossil fuels, and other resources are critical in order for the United States to function as a first-world society. Yet, in spite of the value these resources bring, they’re under constant attack from the Democrat Party.

Democrats want to phase out these natural resources and swap them for a Green New Deal, climate lockdowns, etc. Yet, even the tools that Democrats aim to replace natural resources with, such as electric vehicles, require supplies like oil and more.

Since the Biden administration came into power, pipelines in this country have been under fire like never before.

The White House’s animosity towards pipelines was made especially clear by Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm this week, according to Breitbart News.

A Horrible Look For the Energy Secretary

Right now, Line 5 pipeline in Michigan is under direct assault from Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer. To this very day, Whitmer is fighting in order to take down the pipeline altogether.

Just yesterday, Granholm, who is also a former governor of Michigan, took part in a hearing before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy.

During this time, the energy secretary was expressed asked about Line 5’s influence on Michigan’s economy. To this end, Granholm declined to give a reply.

The energy secretary laughed and said this wasn’t a matter she’d be getting into. Then, Granholm cited Whitmer’s ongoing legal battles regarding Line 5 as a reason why she’d be steering clear of the topic during the hearing.

The Truth About Line 5 Pipeline

While the energy secretary clearly didn’t want to admit the truth about Line 5 pipeline for political reasons, this resource does a lot of good for Michigan.

For starters, it is because of Line 5 that vehicles are fueled and businesses and homes can stay warm. Line 5 pipeline also plays a critical role in propane distribution and Michigan’s overall power industriousness.

Just as Line 5 pipeline does wonders for Michigan, these positive impacts ripple out and apply to other pipelines across the United States.

Mountain Valley Pipeline in West Virginia, for instance, could do a lot of good for the state and the country if its operations were completed. This is something that West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin has specifically rallied for.

As America’s energy sector continues to struggle, Biden’s been called upon to restore Keystone XL pipeline. Most people remember January 2021 when Biden carelessly gutted this pipeline and cruelly forced blue-collar workers into unemployment.

For the sake of reducing energy costs and getting the energy sector back to its former glory, a Keystone XL pipeline comeback is very much needed.

What do you think about the US energy secretary refusing to admit the benefits that pipelines bring to the nation? We’d be thrilled to read your takes in the comments section.