Emotional Nancy Pelosi Talked About the Attack on Her Husband

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recalled the horrible attack on her husband, Paul Pelosi, during an interview with CNN.

Pelosi told CNN host Anderson Cooper that she was present in Washington D.C. when the police knocked on her door at 5 am to tell her about the attack.

Nancy Pelosi Opens Up About the Attack on Her Husband

During her first interview after the attack on her husband, Pelosi noted that Paul was doing “ok” after the attack. Furthermore, Pelosi asserted that Paul would take a long time to recover fully.

Pelosi recalled that Capitol Police arrived at her Washington D.C residence at 5 am. When the police told Pelosi that they needed to talk with her, the speaker started to think about her grandchildren and children.

However, Pelosi continued, she did not even imagine that her husband was also prone to attack. Pelosi further added she did not know the condition of her husband when the police were telling her about the attack.

She just knew that Paul came under attack in his California home; so he was taken to the hospital. 

Similarly, Nancy Pelosi argued that she doesn’t want to listen to her husband’s 911 call or watch the body cam footage of the police, as it will only aggravate her sufferings. 

In addition to that, Pelosi asserted her husband is a gentleman; so he is not complaining about the attack at all.

Pelosi further added that she finds it difficult to return to her home after the attack on her husband, as she has to recall all the traumatized moments.

According to the speaker, she neither wants to see the entrance of her house where her husband was attacked, nor the bedroom from where the attacker broke into the house.

Liberals Blame Republicans for Attack on Paul

The alleged attacker, David Wayne DePape, entered Pelosi’s home in the early hours of October 28.

As per the law enforcement agencies, the attacker asked Paul for the whereabouts of Nancy Pelosi. Meanwhile, Paul managed to call 911; so the police reached the crime scene to arrest the suspect, who was in a hammer fight with Paul at the time of the police raid.

Apart from that, Pelosi established that her husband was not the actual target of the attacker, but he is still bearing the consequences of the violent attack. Likewise, Pelosi noted that misinformation campaigns against her were the primary reason for the attack.

Meanwhile, some liberal commentators have tried to tie the attack on Paul with January 6 attacks. Paul’s attacker was asking the whereabouts of Nancy Pelosi, just like the January 6 rioters who were also trying to find the speaker. 

Nancy Pelosi also blames Republicans for fueling political violence in the United States. She claimed Republicans are joking about the attack on her husband, which is extremely traumatizing. 

Pelosi continued that Republicans are questioning the outcome of every election, which is the primary reason for the political violence in America, so it needs to be stopped immediately.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.