Elon Musk Rips Into Antifa

In America, Antifa has a well-deserved reputation for being violent and dangerous amid various scenes of social unrest.

Antifa members, on numerous occasions, have destroyed property, attacked innocent people, and otherwise committed crimes in the name of fighting so-called fascism. There’s a certain degree of irony in this, given that Antifa members behave as fascists would.

While some members of this violent, left-wing group have been held responsible for their crimes, many others are going by unscathed thus far. Unfortunately, this appears to have emboldened Antifa.

The group recently caused trouble at an event hosted by conservative activist Charlie Kirk. Antifa’s actions were so horrendous that Twitter owner Elon Musk recently condemned them, as pointed out by the Daily Mail.

What Did Antifa Do This Time?

Days ago, Charlie Kirk was set to speak at the University of California Davis. Antifa members didn’t like this and therefore decided to cause as big of a scene as possible to show their displeasure.

This led to Antifa members rioting, breaking windows, throwing eggs, pepper-spraying people who planned to hear Kirk speak, and more. Taking to Twitter, the conservative activist shared video footage that showed police at UC Davis trying to keep matters from further escalating.

This is when Elon Musk reacted to the situation, stating that the conduct of Antifa did not constitute a “peaceful protest” at all. More from Kirk’s original post revealed that some members of Antifa even managed to get inside of the campus where he was set to give remarks.

Reaction From University of California Davis

Kirk and Musk were not the only ones to respond to the senseless violence that occured at the hands of Antifa. UC Davis also responded to the commotion, releasing a statement regarding what transpired.

According to the university, multiple arrests were made as a result of Antifa’s crimes. Antifa members are facing charges of vandalism, making threats against a police officer, resisting arrest, and more.

Later, the public learned from UC Davis that despite Antifa’s antics, Kirk did get to share his remarks to a crowd of hundreds. The university then reiterated that it continues to stand by the right to free speech and the First Amendment, even when said speech is deemed to be “abusive” or “offensive.”

UC Davis particularly stressed that its own values as a campus include the right to protest speech and the right to freedom of expression.

It goes without saying that Antifa’s actions are not constitutionally protected. For years on end now, the left-wing group has gone beyond protesting, constantly veering into violent acts that are meant to silence and intimidate people.