Elon Musk Accuses Liberal Media of False Flag in Texas Mall Shooting

On Saturday, May 6, a gunman opened fire at a mall in Allen, Texas. He killed eight people and wounded seven others. The gunman was identified on Sunday, May 7 as Mauricio García, 33. He used an AR-15 rifle in the attack.

Authorities claim the Hispanic individual was a neo-Nazi, but Twitter owner Elon Musk is one of those saying he thinks the government is running a psyop or false flag.

‘Weirder By the Moment’

On May 8, Bellingcat journalist Aric Toler posted on his Twitter page photos from a Russian social media account, showing somebody with neo-Nazi tattoos and ideology.

He claimed this likely belonged to Garcia. The shooter was also named as a fan of Tim Pool, LibsofTikTok, and other conservative commentators who are hated by the left. Musk was skeptical.

He retweeted a libertarian journalist’s tweet, agreeing the liberal media’s narrative is ridiculous and a bad explanation. As Musk wrote, the official story “keeps getting weirder” and harder to believe.

According to police sources, there is a possibility that the dark-skinned Hispanic shooter has some connection to white supremacist, neo-Nazi ideology.

Musk noted that Bellingcat specializes in psychological manipulations. He said people shouldn’t believe a social media account with almost no presence or verifiability popped up suddenly naming the shooter as a neo-Nazi.

Truly Bizarre

For a few years now, Bellingcat has been suspected of being backed by U.S. intelligence agencies. The fact that various photos have been circulated of the shooter is likely to be a result of social media rumors and inaccurate posts.

Whereas the official media story on Garcia being a neo-Nazi and having random pages on Russian social media is a bit harder to believe. Why would a neo-Nazi like LibsofTikTok, a site run by an Orthodox Jewish woman?

The Biden regime would gain two things by trying to name any possible mass shooter as a neo-Nazi. Firstly, they can continue to demonize anybody who likes moderate or conservative commentators as a fascist.

Secondly, they can move forward with rallying the radical left base on restricting 2A rights and taking guns from Americans as part of their globalist plan. Indeed, Biden again urged Congress to act on banning AR-style weapons following the shooting.

The Bottom Line

A record number of people no longer trust the narratives coming out of the mainstream media. They deserve all the scrutiny and extra criticism they get.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.