Eight in Ten Americans Oppose Government-Controlled Speech

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Free speech is one of the bedrock principles of the United States; it also remains enshrined in the First Amendment of the Constitution for a reason. 

Like many other rights, however, free speech remains under attack from left-wingers in America. Leftists would rather trade in free speech for government-controlled speech; however, the right remains determined to shield the First Amendment and other constitutional rights. 

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Amid the rise of left-wing cancel culture (and leftists denying the existence of cancel culture altogether), Scott Rasmussen ran a poll to gather Americans’ views on free speech vs. government-controlled speech. 

As Breitbart News confirms, Americans overwhelmingly favor the former over the latter. 

The Right to Free Speech in the United States

Findings from the Scott Rasmussen survey document that 80% of American voters are against government-controlled speech. Moreover, only 9% of polled individuals stated that speech is better when the government gets to choose what is and isn’t acceptable. 

Free speech in America is what makes this nation free. It’s what allows people to have open and honest debates, even on touchy subjects. The left-wing notion that letting government determine what speech is and isn’t acceptable is an ill-conceived notion; it also places way too much power and control in the hands of bureaucrats. 

The fight for free speech will continue. Despite how much the left throws its collective weight behind censorship and cancel culture, the vast majority of the nation opposes it. This is something that the mainstream media does not want the average citizen to know. 

Keeping Free Speech Alive

Engaging in free speech is the best way to keep it alive. This means having open, communicative discussions, even when these discussions center around controversial issues. This is how progress is made and how people are educated and able to grow as individuals. 

Advocates of cancel culture and government-controlled speech will always claim that they favor these things for the sake of fairness; in actuality, however, their true agenda lies in gaining more power for themselves. 

There is a reason why freedom of speech is in the very First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. It is one of the most important principles for our country and very much worthy of being defended. 

Each American can do their part. Each American can play a role in embracing and practicing free speech while rejecting cancel culture and the government control of speech. 

What do you think about the free speech vs. government-controlled speech debate? Do you believe leftists in the United States are trying to ultimately cancel free speech? Be sure to share your thoughts about this debate and your views on free speech in the comments section below.