Dylan Mulvaney Partnership Sends Anheuser-Busch into a Downward Spiral

Anheuser-Busch, or as you may know them, the company that makes America’s former favorite beer, Bud Light, is now involved in a series of controversies, including one related to their hiring practices.

As it turns out, Busch applied discriminatory practices when hiring employees. This happened due to a program that aimed to provide job opportunities to minorities and women.

This means if you’re a white, straight male trying to get a job, you’re probably out of luck.

Racism for the sake of “equity”

The civil rights complaint was filed by America First Legal, a legal group set up by Stephen Miller, a former Trump advisor. He decided to put an end to these woke companies’ discriminatory hiring methods.

In the letter America First Legal sent to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, they demanded that Anheuser-Busch stop their proud discrimination against persons of a certain race, national origin, and sex.

What’s more, the company is doing it all under the guise of promoting equity in the company. This is pretty misleading, considering the company is refusing to hire white or Asian Americans at the time.

However, the program is far from a standard corporate hiring program. It’s designed in a way that allows these employees to quickly move up through the ranks in the company, all the way to executive leadership positions, while white and Asian male employees get left behind.

Bud Light, the sporting event staple that went trans

This is only one of the many firestorms that Bud Light found itself in recently. They’ve been under fire from conservatives over their partnership with trans “icon” Dylan Mulvaney.

The several ads he’s appeared in were boycotted by millions across the nation, including some famous musicians and establishments that decided to no longer promote the product on their tour/sell it in their place of business.

Both ads seem like they’ve been put together by someone who knew as much about Bud Light’s target audience as Mulvaney does about beer and it shows.

No one asked to watch a transgender man take a bubble bath while drinking a can of beer; it’s certainly got nothing to do with the events that normally endorse the product.

Many have argued Anheuser-Busch’s partnership with Mulvaney is a testament to them not knowing what a biological woman is and it’s contradicting they would create a hiring plan that prioritizes women and minorities.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.