"Dummy Beto" Gets Taken to School by Trump

Each of the 2020 Democrats have proven themselves to be unfit for office in various ways. From advocating for the erasure of private healthcare to senselessly branding Trump as a racist, anyone with half a brain can see that keeping Democrats as far away from the White House as possible is utterly imperative.

As time goes on and as Democrats get more desperate to beat President Trump, their policies and rhetoric becomes more and more radical. The promises which left-wing candidates are making (free healthcare, free college, free $12,000 per year, etc.) aren’t even remotely feasible and would be outrageously expensive for taxpayers.

In recent weeks, 2020 candidate Beto O’Rourke has come under fire for his rhetoric regarding guns in America. The former congressman previously told Americans that nobody was looking to take their guns, but he finally dropped the act by declaring, “hell yes, we’re gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47!” Since making this bold claim and since attempting to profit off the one-liner, he’s been taken to school by none other than President Trump himself, Fox News reports.

The Harsh Sting of Reality

For awhile now, the president has been working with various legislators to find common ground on proposals which will help prevent mass shootings. Throughout this work, Trump has made clear that while he’s willing to work with certain Democrats, he wants to ensure that legislation will be effective and not merely a “feel good” proposal. The president has furthermore been clear that infringing upon the gun rights of lawful citizens is not an option.

Earlier this morning, Trump sent out a clear tweet which notes that O’Rourke’s vows to take away Americans’ guns has not helped the work he’s been trying to do with the other side. The president moreover noted the reality that so many Democrats are just interested in senseless gun grabs.

See for yourself:

Complications with Reaching Across the Aisle

As seen in the president’s tweet, he will “continue forward” with reaching across the aisle, despite the rhetoric from O’Rourke. In all honesty, Trump is doing more to halt mass shootings than Democrats who favor mandatory buybacks.

Buying back the guns of law-abiding citizens holds no weight over criminals who disregard the laws. Furthermore, taking away one person’s property because of someone else’s actions is illogical and nonsensical. Whenever a mass shooting happens, Democrats immediately push for more gun grabs and vilify the National Rifle Association (NRA); not a single member of the NRA has ever committed a mass shooting.

One can only imagine where we might all be if Democrats directed their actions and penalties towards criminals instead of pro-Second Amendment organizations and lawful gun owners.

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