DON’T FORGET: Border Crisis Rages on, Latest Numbers

Upwards of 300 migrants jumped the Rio Grande in one massive crowd on Sunday as the heat surpassed 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Many migrants begged for water as Texas Traffic Police and Border Patrol agents controlled surrounding traffic.

The Gang

Individuals from Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, as well as the Dominican Republic, made up the majority of the group.

Speaking with several migrants, Breitbart Texas learned they had been on the road for at least four months. Those suffering from heat exhaustion were being treated when ambulance workers got on the site.

Many of the migrants, according to one, stayed in Tapachula, Chiapas, for more than two months as they awaited Mexican immigration authorities to provide them with refugee designation and travel credentials.

An insider within Customs and Immigration claims on the majority of days, the Del Rio Sector of the Border Patrol tops the country in the number of migrants apprehended.

Traffic makes it difficult for the area’s overflowing processing facilities to operate continuously.

According to the CBP official, who is not allowed to talk to the media, more than 160,000 migrants entered the country in June, with Texas accounting for the majority of those crossings.

Breitbart Texas saw numerous smaller parties pass close to downtown Eagle Pass as authorities sought to move the large group to a nearby Border Patrol processing facility.

The huge groups, which can occasionally number over 400, are more resource-intensive for the organization, but only make up a small part of the city’s Border Patrol arrests.

Together, CBP aircrews and Border Patrol agents from the Big Bend Sector stopped a number of migrant groups wearing camouflage, who were trying to enter the interior of the United States.

Border Patrol officers are seen leading a group of migrants wearing camouflage through into the desert to a collection spot in a video posted on Twitter by Sean L. McGoffin, Chief Patrol Agent for the Big Bend Sector.

In an effort to sneak into the United States undetected and unnoticed, the migrants dressed in camouflage.

A CBP Air and Marine Services aircrew informed officers from the Marfa and Van Horn posts about the gang. The flying crew discovered the migrants and sent the on-the-ground personnel to the area west of US Highway 90.

The authorities detained 14 migrants.

High Tech Migrants

Agents from Van Horn Station collaborated with another AMO aircrew to find a group of 11 migrants somewhere in the area. To avoid being discovered and apprehended, the group additionally wore camouflage.

The helicopter discovered the migrant party and sent the ground personnel to where they were hiding in a rocky cave. According to officials, they discovered the migrants close to the Texas city of Van Horn.

During a border security patrol, the aircrew observed the migrants and alerted ground-based authorities. They led the officers to the spot where they detained 11 migrant workers.

The Sierra Blanca Border Agents Station in California received all 25 detained individuals for processing.