Donna Brazile on Mueller Remarks: Don't "Sweep Things Under the Rug"

Over the past few days, various political public figures have weighed in on Robert Mueller’s latest comments about the Russia investigation. While different sides appear to harbor very contrasting interpretations of Mueller’s remarks and the appropriate steps going forward, Democrats remain obsessed with ceaselessly asserting the guilt of President Trump.

Donna Brazile is no exception to this narrative, as documented by Fox News. During Brazile’s time on air, she shared her thoughts on Mueller’s statements and also alleged that his matter impacts everyone in the country, regardless of political affiliation.

A Closer Look at Brazile’s Remarks

Like many Democrats, Brazile maintains that additional probes and reviews need to be conducted as a follow-up to the official findings of Robert Mueller. This mentality is actually quite common; Democrats who refuse to let go of the Russia investigation do this in the hopes of finding something which they can pin on President Trump. It’s not going to work.

However, Brazile’s statements on this matter read as follows:

“There is this rush to try to come up with a conclusion before we have all the facts. I have a problem when people want to sweep things under the rug because they don’t want to see the dust. There is a lot of dust and debris on our democracy that needs to be cleaned. Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, independent or someone else we need to take full responsibility for what happened and to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

Brazile furthermore stated that Mueller ought to provide precise testimony regarding his nearly two-year long investigation.

The Obsession with Russia

At this point in American politics, the obsession with Russia has reached an all-time high. This is no longer about investigating whether or not Russian collusion took place in 2016; this is about revenge of the Democrats who are desperate for literally anything to pin on the president of the United States.

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