Don Lemon Lands New Job Offer After Being Sacked From CNN

This past Monday, Don Lemon found himself fired by CNN after nearly two decades of working for the company.

Lemon released a lengthy social media post, saying he was spontaneously booted without warning. Likewise, he said that after having been with the company for so long, he would have expected management to give him the heads up.

CNN, following this, came out with a statement, saying Lemon was given the chance to meet with management, but instead took to social media. Many have speculated that Lemon’s conduct on air, along with his comments about Republican Nikki Haley, played a role in his firing.

Now, the former anchor of CNN just received a new job offer, according to Insider.

Wingstop Coming Up?

Rapper Rick Ross took to social media to announce that if Lemon was looking for work again, he could head on over to Wingstop. Ross said on video that Wingstop is hiring and offered Lemon the chance to work one of the grills.

After encouraging Lemon to “stay solid,” the rapper said all Lemon needs to do is send over his resume for a new gig at Wingstop.

On social media, the internet reacted with amusement to this. So far, there’s been no public response from Lemon regarding this latest job offer.

What Comes Next?

Some sources report that Lemon has hired an attorney and is potentially considering legal action against CNN. Others believe that it’s only a matter of time before the former CNN news anchor gets picked up by yet another left-leaning network.

So far, it’s pretty safe to say that Lemon won’t be taking Ross’ offer to go work the grills at Wingstop. However, all things considered, we also wouldn’t be remiss to assume America hasn’t seen or heard the last of Don Lemon in our media.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.