Dominion Voting Systems Threatening Legal Action Against Trump Aides

"President Trump Departs the White House" (Public Domain) by The White House

Dominion Voting Systems has come under immense fire over the past several weeks. Multiple allegations have implicated the company in flipping votes from Trump to Biden, duplicating ballots, and otherwise participating in election cheating.
The company has repeatedly attempted to push back on claims of foul play and wrongdoing. Weeks ago, Dominion Voting Systems sent out a spokesperson to deny the aforementioned accusations against their company. Despite the denials, however, Dominion Voting Systems is far from out of the woods.

“President Trump Departs the White House” (Public Domain) by The White House

Now, it appears as though the company is gearing up for legal action. According to Washington Examiner, President Trump’s legal team and the White House have received official notices about a potential defamation lawsuit.

Potential Legal Action from Dominion Voting Systems

Attorneys for Dominion Voting Systems stated in formal paperwork that White House aides and attorneys for the president should put an end to “defamatory claims” against the company.
The notice furthermore accuses the letter recipients of running a “smear campaign” before urging everyone involved to hold onto “all documents” regarding Dominion Voting Systems.

News of this occurrence broke yesterday; however, these are only a few of several letters that Dominion Voting Systems has sent out. The company issued a letter to attorney Sidney Powell as recently as last week; in this letter, Powell is urged to cease and withdraw allegedly untrue and “knowingly baseless” claims regarding Dominion Voting Systems.
Powell, in response, maintains that she won’t be withdrawing any of her assertions about the company.

Individual Action from Dominion Voting Systems Employees

While Dominion Voting Systems has yet to file a defamation lawsuit, an employee of the company already did. In this lawsuit, the Trump campaign, Rudy Giuliani, and a plethora of other public figures and media personalities are listed as defendants.
In this defamation suit, the Dominion Voting Systems employee charges that his personal wellbeing has been threatened by various allegations against the company. Thus far, neither the Trump campaign, Giuliani, or others named have issued any public statements regarding the employee’s defamation lawsuit.

Certain reports of Dominion Voting Systems employees receiving death threats or other nasty messages have surfaced amidst this disputed election.
Do you think Dominion Voting Systems will legally pursue President Trump’s attorneys and White House aides? Also, what do you make of the allegations against the company? We want to know your thoughts in the comments section below!