Dominion Voting Systems Denies Switching Votes in Election

"IMG_0036_Capt Conf 2017 EXPO Dominion Vo" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Michigan Municipal League (MML)

As the Trump campaign’s litigation continues in the 2020 presidential election, Dominion Voting Systems is under an intense microscope.
The company is facing widespread actions of fraud and purposeful programming to transfer votes from Trump to Biden; just weeks ago, a Michigan clerk discovered a software “glitch” in Antrim County that incorrectly categorized thousands of Trump votes as Biden ones.

“The Presidential Turkeys Arrive in D.C.!” (Public Domain) by The White House

President Trump and his attorneys have also censured Dominion Voting Systems, both on social media and in press conferences. Now, the company is speaking out and denying that they’ve engaged in vote switching or any other forms of fraud in the 2020 race, according to Townhall.

The Statement from Dominion Voting Systems

Yesterday, Dominion Voting Systems spokesman Michael Steel sat down for an interview with America’s News Headquarters. The interview arrives amid numerous claims, reports, and allegations against Dominion Voting Systems; apparently, Steel was sent out by the company to try and clear the air.
While speaking with America’s News Headquarters, Steel declared that it is a physical impossibility for Dominion Voting Systems to “switch votes from one candidate to another.” This is something that some people have pushed back against, however, noting that software does have the ability to be programmed.

Steel didn’t just deny that Dominion Voting System has flipped votes though. He furthermore alleged that “nonpartisan poll watchers” and “local elected officials” are the runners of the election system.
After stating this, Steel proceeded to state that Dominion Voting Systems can only count and print ballots; he then denied that the company has any ties to foreign governments such as Barcelona, Venezuela, Germany, etc.

A P.R. Nightmare for Dominion Voting Systems

Dominion Voting Systems has worked overtime to clear its name of concerning allegations. There’s hardly any doubt that sending Steel to America’s News Headquarters was a calculated move to clean up the current public relations nightmare for the company.

While on air, though, Steel did not talk about the vote switching that happened in Antrim County, Michigan; this is what led to the current onslaught against Dominion Voting Systems and many folks still want to know what happened.
Time will tell if and when a real explanation is ever shared with the public.
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