Does Shocking MLB Security Guard Move Show Signs of America's Decline?

Many Americans have expressed concerns that the country is undergoing a gradual decline.
These concerns were not alleviated when a Washington Nationals security guard urged fans from cheering during the return of Bryce Harper; this has been documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Everything You Need to Know

Cheering at sports cames has long been an American pastime and even a show of patriotism. This is why so many people were taken aback when they were told to quiet down at a sports game where cheers and noise are part of the experience.
See for yourself:

Many displeased observers also noted that fans who are paying to see the game have the right to be slightly rowdy and express their satisfaction at seeing the return of Bryce Harper. Why the Washington Nationals security guard told paying fans to quiet down is likely to remain a mystery.

Trampling on American Freedoms

The incident which transpired at the game is simply another example of American freedoms being trampled on. Anyone who is paying attention can see this happening from multiple directions, particularly from radical far-left policies. Calls to end private healthcare, the push for socialism and open borders are just the tips of the iceberg.
Now more than ever, the freedoms of this nation are under attack and Americans can’t stand for it. When will it be enough? When cheering at a sports game is controversial, when paying fans are not allowed to be slightly rowdy and express their excitement, something is very wrong.
It’s also worth noting that what happened at the sports game should not just be a right-wing issue. People on both sides of the aisle ought to be able to see why the ability to cheer is a critical pastime.
What are your thoughts about this situation? Do you think the Washington Nationals security guard was wrong? Let us know in the comments section down below!
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