DNC Chair Jaime Harrison Eyeing Departure

The Democrat Party is facing significant challenges against them as this year’s midterms get nearer. Right now, Democrats are faced with an unpopular president, low approval ratings, and mass retirements from party members in the House of Representatives.

That’s not to mention a series of polls that show support for the Republican Party grew in 2021, while it declined for the Democrat Party.

The reality is that for over a year now, Democrats have been in control of the federal government. Yet, somehow, this hasn’t led to positive results for the American people. Much of the country wants a change.

As problems continue to pile up for Democrats, new reports indicate that Democratic National Committee chair Jaime Harrison will soon be leaving his post, per Fox News.

What’s Going on with the DNC?

Apparently, the reported plans Harrison is making to leave his post deal with two factors: projections that Democrats will lose the November midterms and plunging approval ratings for Biden.

However, claims from previous DNC aides and others indicate that Harrison has been clashing with the Biden administration as of late. Others claim the DNC chair isn’t being seen or heard and therefore faces “marginalization.”

Advisers to the president have expressed an interest in seeing more boots on the ground work from Harrison. Biden aides would like to see the DNC chair raising funds, holding rallies, and appearing on TV.

Apparently, Harrison will also be the fall person if Democrats lose the House and the Senate in November, something which is highly likely at this point in time.

Irreparable Damage

At this point, it’s clear the Biden administration wants the chairman of the DNC to be able to clean up the messes this president has made; however, it’s a little late for that.

Biden has consistently chosen to disregard the feedback and situations of the American people.

For instance, polls show that majorities of US voters want Biden to turn more of his focus towards the economy and lowering inflation; meanwhile, Biden can’t stop taking trips to promote new infrastructure laws.

If Biden’s going to continue doing what he’s been doing, his approval ratings will keep declining and his party will not win the midterms. Harrison may already understand this, even if he’s not overtly stating it.

At this time, a good deal of Americans are excited about a change of leadership in the United States. One of the first steps towards that change is ensuring the Democrats no longer control the Senate and the House of Representatives.

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