Dizzy Democrats Fail Americans With Climate Change

It seems as though we are being constantly reminded of just how lost the Democrats are when it comes to initiatives that truly make a difference for the American people. Currently, global warming is an issue that affects us all and we are seemingly not much closer to a solution. To answer the call of climate change, the Democrats have initiated Green New Deal and they have allowed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to spearhead the movement. The ‘Deal’ would call for the United States to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 while shifting to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power, according to Fox News. What they seem to forget is that the U.S. has increasingly lowered emissions for years and are continuing to do so through advanced technology. “The cost of doing what they are proposing is not only expensive, but it will also blow a hole in our strong and growing economy,” said Sen. John Barrasso (R.Wyo) who currently sits as chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. President Trump also stands behind the idea that the Green New Deal is only another hoax led by the Democrats to give American’s a dream rather than a firm, solid, and realistic solution.

The Democrats have reduced the environment to that of cauliflower

If there are any individuals who might have considered believing that the Green New Deal could be possible, the far left proved once again that it is only a joke. Ocasio-Cortez recently shared her proposal to kill climate change through radical economic transformation when she video recorded herself and shared it on Instagram recently. She can be seen in the video talking about the utilization of community gardens as a “core component” of her Green New Deal proposal and how adding cauliflower to a garden is a “colonial approach” and the reason people of color oppose environmental movements. She then goes on to talk about growing Yucca and the oppression of communities of color. This isn’t Ocasio-Cortez’ first attempt to link the environment with political socialism, either. She once used the issue America faced with the Honduran migrants with that of global warming. “People flee their homes because otherwise they’ll be forced to confront one major factor fueling global migration: Climate change,” she once tweeted. It is only further evidence that the agenda of socialism is forever being pushed by Democrats, even if it’s on the back of issues that have nothing to do with global warming. Ocasio-Cortez’ bumbling attempt to make climate change the foundation for pushing hidden agendas is not only obvious but it’s appalling.  

The Democrats stand behind Ocasio-Cortez and her idea that the Green New Deal is a proposal that will not only combat climate change, but it will also address what has happened to indigenous communities. They have somehow pushed one goal in front of another and are now asking the American people to agree with it being funded. They want economic support for something that they have yet to reveal a solid plan, and they are taking American’s for fools, once again, by using emotion to manipulate people. Rather than provide facts, they come up with long fairy tales of how they see things working out, and they have used every tactic from how the Green New Deal will help with immigration to how it will help add cauliflower to any urban garden. Amazing. When listening to Democrats, it is wise to listen to what they are actually saying rather than how they are saying it. They thrive on emotional presentations that add a pinch of personal connections with a dash of fear. One can only hope that the House maintains a GOP lead that will continue to serve as the fan that blows away the Democrat smoke being served to us all. Until then, Ocasio-Cortez has only proved that she is still too green to present the Green New Deal…especially with all of its flaws.