Divided Supreme Court Gives Trump An Immigration Win

Earlier today, the Supreme Court ruled that immigration officers are permitted to apprehend illegal immigrants who have committed crimes in addition to sneaking into the United States.
Despite the victory for the Trump administration, the ruling comes after a considerable amount of discord between members of the Supreme Court, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Reviewing the Ruling of the Supreme Court

Today’s Supreme Court ruling came after the arrests of Bassam Yusuf Khoury and Mony Preap, two immigrants were taken into custody by law enforcement officials following their prior served time for drug convictions. Both Khoury and Preap were also holders of green cards.
Another factor in today’s ruling turned out to be sanctuary cities. The left has more than vocalized their support for these cities on multiple occasions; however, right-leaning Americans are likelier to note that these cities are inherently antithetical to immigration officers who are simply doing their jobs by enforcing the laws of the land.

The Aftermath of the Supreme Court Ruling

Americans across the nation have very different outlooks on the ruling determined by the Supreme Court. Ultimately, one singular vote turned out to be the one which swayed results in the favor of President Trump. As one might expect, individuals who lean left are likelier to view the ruling unfavorably. However, Americans who tend to favor the right-wing are overwhelmingly supportive of the decision.
Illegal immigration is a very real problem in this country. At the end of the day, there should be zero incentives and no leeway for people who sneak into the nation. Immigration laws exist for a reason and there are many immigrants who have chosen to come to America the right way.
The ruling of the Supreme Court comes amidst developments of increasing amounts of drug trafficking and illegal immigration at the Southern border.
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