Disney Shareholder Urges the Company to Stay Away From Politics

In many ways, politics today are more divisive than they’ve ever been. Across the country, red states are getting redder and blue states are getting bluer, thus creating two very different Americas.

It goes without saying that different approaches to COVID have undoubtedly worsened political divides that were already on the rise.

Yet, in spite of how tense politics have become in this country, some companies are still choosing to take sides. More often than not, well-known companies adopt and promote left-wing politics.

One of those companies is Disney. In light of political grandstanding from Disney, one of the company’s shareholders is calling for an end to its political activism, according to PJ Media.

A Word of Warning to Disney

Ray Keating, one of Disney’s shareholders, has gone on record saying the company needs to rethink its political activism.

Instead, Keating warns that Disney will be much better off focusing on telling stories, which is how the company became the empire that it is today. Likewise, Keating urged Disney to stop falling into the trap of catering to far-left activists.

These words of warning from one of Disney’s shareholders come at a very important time. The company has already stated that going forward, they’ll have stuff related to LGBTQ+ matters in 50% of its content.

This has led to many parents threatening to boycott the company. Likewise, The Daily Wire is coming out with alternative kids’ programs that don’t push sex or gender politics on children.

Disney likewise dug itself into a hole by coming out against a new law in Florida that stops children in kindergarten, first-grade, second-grade, and third-grade classes from learning about transgenderism and other complicated matters involving gender and sex.

Is the Damage Already Done?

In many ways, Disney has already tarnished its brand and image.

Had the company steered clear from politics altogether, there wouldn’t be talks of them getting boycotted or losing certain operational privileges they enjoy in Florida.

Disney has (or had) a variety of customers with all different sorts of political views. By taking one side over the other, Disney naturally alienated anyone who is not on the political left, and notably not on the far left.

Time will reveal whether or not Disney is in the position to reverse the damage it’s already done. It could very well be too late; however, if Disney does decide to listen to its shareholders and end its political activism, there may still be a chance for the company.

What do you think about Disney involving itself in the muddy waters of political activism and grandstanding? Do you think the company will listen to advice from its shareholder? In the comments area below, we’d love to know what you think.