DeSantis Takes Big Steps To Defund Wokeness in the State of Florida

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is one of the top favorites to run for POTUS in 2024.

The reason is simple: he’s stood up for conservative principles and kept his home state of Florida free, including during the massive government overreach of the pandemic.

DeSantis has also stood up to wokeness and the attempt to force a far-left radical vision on America’s young people and families. Today he put through even more rules to kick woke communists out of his state.

DeSantis Doubles Down Against Wokeism

Doubling down against wokeness involves taking action in education, where DeSantis has already made moves.

He came out against the teaching of gender theory to young children, which led to very public clashes with the Disney company and others who falsely claimed he was discriminating against gay people.

Though standing up to wokeness also involves tackling woke corporations and the business sector, where ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) rules try to force companies to put profit second behind left-wing ideals.

ESG is a surprisingly powerful force, impacting many sectors of society and the economy, but new rules from DeSantis say that ESG principles cannot apply to any of Florida’s state investments.

The money of the state and how it is used is legally barred from considering ESG when making investment decisions, including pension funds and other state monies.

A Track Record of Success

DeSantis has been against woke for years now; he already spoke months ago at the National Conservatism conference about his desire to put these kinds of rules in place.

This is why DeSantis is becoming so popular: because he does what he says and says what he does, instead of just empty words. This is another promise made and delivered upon.

Florida Won’t Fund Woke!

The message from DeSantis and Florida’s board of investments is clear: Florida won’t fund woke.

Accusing woke corporations of “injecting an ideological agenda,” DeSantis said this will never be “tolerated” in Florida and the rules will be further officialized soon at the level of state law.

Florida State CFO Jimmy Patronis echoed DeSantis on this, saying woke corporate boards in “Europe” or New York City don’t have any sway over what happens down in Florida and their “hate” of America will never rule in the Sunshine State.

The Bottom Line

In many ways, Florida and DeSantis are pointing the way forward for the conservative movement and patriots. It’s not protests or giant rallies; it’s not even voting. It’s concerted action and smart policy decisions at the state level.

The Founders created America to have checks and balances, including recourse for states when the federal government begins to go amok.

The kind of things Florida is doing to stand up to wokeness are commendable and smart. If we want to live in a free country that still stands up for its values, we need to start taking notes from Florida and DeSantis.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.