DeSantis Takes a Stand Against Chinese Companies Buying American Land

After dozens of companies bought large properties all across the US, mostly around military bases, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis decided enough is enough, proposing a bill that would put an end to this chicanery.

In one of his most recent press releases, he promoted three bills to counteract the Chinese Communist Party’s influence in the US and even more importantly, in the state of Florida.

A bit late, but it’ll do

One of the three bills would restrict any Chinese citizen from buying land in the Sunshine State unless they’ve got American citizenship or are permanent residents in the US.

Whereas those with non-tourist visas will be limited to under two acres of land, five miles away from anything military related.

However, this doesn’t just apply to the Chinese, but rather, to foreign citizens from a number of different countries that the US is currently not on good terms with. This is including Russia, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Syria, and Venezuela.

These individuals aren’t allowed to purchase any property that’s within ten miles of a US military base; although they’re still allowed to purchase properties of any size anywhere else in the state of Florida.

Naturally, this didn’t sit right with the woke mob, which claimed the bill is discriminatory against Chinese homeowners in the state, while also excluding other immigrants from buying property.

That is categorically untrue.

Maximum-level security for the Sunshine State

That being said, the truth doesn’t really concern the far left. They’re always willing to protest something so long as it opposes their views, even if it’s a perfectly logical decision after the balloon incident.

Student Victoria Li claimed she is terrified and the bill is practically going to ruin her American dream. Though she’s only prohibited from buying land that’s near a US military base, which leaves her with plenty of options.

The entire thing is being blown out of proportion.

If the left-leaning crowd in Florida would just take a step back to look at the bigger picture, they’d be able to see why DeSantis is being so protective of property in his state.

On top of the property purchase limits bill, DeSantis also signed legislation preventing Florida colleges and universities from accepting gifts while collaborating with another educational institution from a country that is perceived as a threat.

In fact, colleges and universities in the Sunshine State will now have to get approval from the board of education before engaging in any partnership with a foreign university.

Finally, the last bill signed by the governor prevents anyone using a government-issued device from downloading apps like TikTok or anything else owned by a Chinese conglomerate.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.