DeSantis Says That Florida Will Never Recognize Centralized Digital Currency

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press representative, Bryan Griffin, announced on Tuesday that the DeSantis administration is pledging it will not acknowledge a centrally controlled digital currency in Florida.

He praised laws that would accomplish this.

DeSantis Fights CBDC

It is impossible to exaggerate how crucial this is. With this bill, Florida is pledging never to accept a centralized digital currency, according to Griffin.

Big government and globalist objectives depend on centralized digital money.

Florida’s legislation might ban the usage of federally authorized CBDCs as revenue inside Florida’s Uniform Commercial Code. It may also stop CBDCs produced by foreign nations’ reserves and banks, such as China’s Digital Yuan.

Griffin said DeSantis is preventing them from having control.

DeSantis is additionally pleading with other states to take precautions to combat the danger presented by a centralized global currency, pointing out that it breaches individual privacy rights and allows for “government-sanctioned surveillance.”

House Bill 7049 and Senate Bill 7054 in Florida will successfully solve the problems with CBDCs.

On Monday, DeSantis published a statement. This came in response to the Federal Reserve’s declaration that it had not yet reached a determination on establishing a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

The Federal Reserve also said it wasn’t going to do so unless there was explicit backing from Congress and the executive branch, preferably in the shape of a particular enacting law.

DeSantis responded by saying it is not only ‘ideal’ that big policy shifts get official approval from Congress; it is fundamentally essential. In March, DeSantis first unveiled a legislative plan to safeguard Floridians from CBDC.

CBDC is About Government Control

DeSantis asserted that the Biden administration’s attempts to implement a Centralized Bank Digital Currency involve monitoring and supervision.

Then, DeSantis said his plan would safeguard Florida customers and enterprises from the careless acceptance of a ‘centralized digital dollar’ that’s going to restrict creativity and encourage government-sanctioned surveillance.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.