DeSantis Pushes Back Against the Biden Administration

The Biden administration has repeatedly clashed with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. On COVID vaccines, education, and more, the White House doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to lashing out against DeSantis.

In fact, of all Republican governors currently serving, the Florida one is where the Biden administration most focuses its attention. This has therefore led to speculation about what a 2024 election with DeSantis vs. Biden may look like.

Right now, the latest dispute between the White House and the Florida governor deals with a College Board African American studies AP course.

According to the Biden administration, DeSantis pointlessly blocked this for prejudiced reasons. However, the Florida governor is pushing back against this narrative, according to the Tampa Free Press.

Not So Fast

During a press conference yesterday, DeSantis set the record straight about what Florida education is really all about. The governor explained that black history is a required lesson, rather than a banned lesson.

Furthermore, DeSantis explained the advanced placement credit referenced by the Biden administration wasn’t just about black history; instead, it pertained to “queer theory,” which is not acutally part of black history.

Part of the “queer theory” included in the controversial course also dealt with prison abolishment and intersectionality, neither of which constitutes a review of African American history.

The Florida governor noted that his state is always going to embrace education; however, when it comes to indoctrinating students, this is where Florida is going to take a pass.

According to DeSantis, children need to know the facts and know how to think for themselves. However, this does not include forcing an agenda upon children.

The AP course branded as African American studies extended beyond just the study of black history, hence Florida’s decision.

The Bottom Line

There are major differences between critical race theory and black history, just as there are also major differences between queer theory and black history.

Conflating the pair is wrong. Nevertheless, it feeds into a narrative that falsely alleges Florida to be hostile against black people and black history. Put simply, the facts do not bear this out.

Unfortunately, many people who heard what the White House said will not hear the rebuttal from DeSantis or the clarification of what’s really happening in Florida.

All things considered, Americans shouldn’t be shocked if the White House continues to take pot shots at the Florida governor, rather than being honest about what’s really going on.

What do you think about the latest clash between the Biden administration and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as it pertains to education? Do you believe more headbutting lies ahead?

Let us know in the comments area what you make of DeSantis’ response to these various claims from the White House.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.