DeSantis Drops the Ball, Comes Out in Favor of Biden Regime

Just like in every fight, politics has winners and losers. The recent town hall on CNN saw Trump decimate the leftist anchor and get the support of the crowd.

He showed that, unlike the far-left media, he’s on the side of the people. Whereas after this great performance from Trump, Team DeSantis came out with a very disturbing betrayal.

Let’s take a look.

DeSantis Drops the Ball

After the CNN town hall featuring Trump, the pro-DeSantis Political Action Committee (PAC) Never Back Down, posted several comments on Twitter criticizing Trump.

This DeSantis-backing PAC appeared to support E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit against Trump.

Carroll recently found Trump liable for harming her reputation after he denied rape allegations from her from several decades ago. Never Back Down falsely said Trump was found guilty of rape, which is completely false.

They also mocked him for saying he’ll defend the rights of J6 political prisoners, claiming these people harmed police officers, which is not true.

The pro-DeSantis PAC also went back over the same argument about the 2020 election saying Trump needs to shut up over his complaints about what happened.

Trump Back on Top

The night on CNN was marked by several knock-outs. The disinformation industry, as well as CNN, was battered and came out defeated after giving Trump a platform.

CNN host Kaitlan Collins took a beating from Trump, who was unfazed by any of her Democratic-biased questions and noted that she is a very “nasty person.”

Collins continually interrupted Trump and showed her bias in many ways. CNN even got humiliated after the debate when asking audience members for feedback.

The fake news network complained about why Trump focused on 2020 and the election again when a man pointed out it was CNN who started the entire night by focusing on that and asking Trump about that.

Talk about busted.

The Bottom Line

Team DeSantis is losing relevance by the day. This action by the PAC isn’t DeSantis himself, but if he wants any chance at winning, his funders need to stop running their mouth and siding with the Biden regime.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.