DeSantis’ Book Signing Event Takes an Interesting Turn

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is steadily making moves, both in front of the public eye and behind the scenes. Right now, it seems as though he is going to announce his 2024 presidential run towards the middle of the year, according to multiple speculations.

In the meantime, DeSantis is strictly focused on governing in Florida and making sure the state remains thriving, free, and prosperous.

Earlier this week in Florida, DeSantis held a book signing event for his new release, The Courage To Be Free. Many supporters of the governor were thrilled to have signed copies of his new memoir.

Though things took a turn when some supporters of former President Trump showed up outside of the event to make a scene, as reported by Dail Mail.

What Happened?

At a Leesburg-based Books-a-Million, Trump supporters showed up wearing MAGA attire and carrying MAGA flags. It appeared very obvious that they wanted to enter the event and make the Florida governor know they aren’t happy with his political rise and possible upcoming presidential run against Trump.

However, the former president’s loyalists were subsequently informed by security guards that anyone who was wearing or carrying Trump apparel or signage needed to leave. It was noted that because Books-a-Million is private property, the Trump supporters in question had no right to access the premises.

Nevertheless, Trump supporters weren’t thrilled about this. After a verbal back and forth with the security guards in Leesburg, at least one of the guards was seen on video chastising the demonstrators for behaving like leftists.

The demonstrators were also warned by security that if they failed to leave, the police would be notified.

More Backlash From Team Trump

Since the incident in Leesburg, many Trump loyalists have continued to bash the Florida governor, accusing him of being a Republican in Name Only (RINO) or a globalist in disguise.

This has now led to supporters of the Florida governor going to bat for him on social media and in other forums. Former President Trump, of course, is also launching his own attacks against the Florida governor, notably on Truth Social.

Days ago, during a Fox News interview, when asked about Trump, DeSantis noted the former president once praised him for being a great governor. DeSantis then pointed out that Trump had a change of heart after DeSantis’ blowout reelection just last year.

So far, DeSantis’ book appears to be doing pretty well, with notable sales on Amazon.

What do you think about the Trump supporters who showed up outside of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ book signing event? Do you agree with them not being allowed onto the premises? You can leave your insight in the comments section just down below.