Dems Will Keep on Doubling Down on Policies

In an interview on Tuesday with ABC News, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison made a promise, stating Democrats will keep on “doubling down” their efforts, even if Republicans get in control of Congress.

DNC Chair: They are ready and will move forward

In an interview with ABC News host Diane Maceda, Jaime Harrison was asked about the plans of the Democrat Party if Republicans get control of Congress.

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Harrison answered, stating they will keep doubling down the efforts the Democrat Party does, particularly with their attempt to “improve” the country and provide “relief” for the people.

The DNC chair also added that the Democrat Party would continue the efforts Biden and Harris are attempting to make.

He added they will continue to ensure they are getting in touch to those who make up the Democrat Party and as well as Independents, emphasizing this will be “really important.”

Harrison added they know what happens during midterm elections, based on the instances that happened in the past, and they are aware of the challenges of getting through to these people.

However, the DNC chair assured they are ready for this and they will be moving forward. He then claimed the Democrat Party would win in the midterm elections.

McCarthy: Republicans Will Provide New Direction, Put Country Back on Track

Meanwhile, Democrats’ fragile hold of power remained at risk, particularly with the evenly divided Senate and narrowly held House.

The Republican leader of the House, Kevin McCarthy, who is lined up to be the speaker if Republicans win the midterm election, promised a crowd of supporters they would win the majority.

Well past midnight, GOP supporters gathered in Washington. The GOP leader of the House addressed the crowd, stating they were expanding the party. He said Americans are ready to have a Congress that will provide a new direction and place the country back on track.

Despite the tight majority of the Republicans at the House, this could bring new heights at the Capitol, together with promises that the GOP makes in ending the president’s ambitious plans.

This also includes Republicans tightening congressional supervision and launching investigations which could more likely lead to the impeachment of Biden.

Yet, Democrats remain hopeful. In a statement made by Pelosi, she acknowledged although the race remained close, it is clear Democratic members and candidates are outperforming the expectations of the people.

She added as the states continue to count the final results of the election, each vote casted should be counted.

One-third of the seats in the Senate and all 435 seats in the House are being decided. If GOP newcomers come to help get a hold of the House and the Senate, the results will present new challenges to Congress, particularly if the margins are close.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.