Dems Devise a Plan to 'Protect' Journalists From President Trump

Once again, Democrats are clamoring to find another safe space.
On Tuesday, Congressional Democrats put forth the Journalist Protection Act; this piece of legislation would outlaw intimidation or bodily harm towards journalists in order to prevent them from going forward with a news story, as documented by Townhall.

An Overview of the Journalist Protection Act

Democrats’ reason for initiating the Journalist Protection Act stems from the supposed “extreme hostility” which the left-wing believes President Trump harbors towards the press. Democrats who view this proposed legislation as merited have cited the president’s back-and-forths with CNN and declaration of the media being “the enemy of the American people” as reasons.
House Rep. and Democrat Eric Swalwell provided additional details into why he helped put together the Journalist Protection Act.
In his own words:

“From tweeting #FakeNews to proclaiming his contempt for the media during campaign rallies, the President has created a hostile environment for members of the press.¬†A healthy democracy depends on a free press unencumbered by threats of violence. We must protect journalists in every corner of our country if they are attacked physically while doing their job, and send a strong, clear message that such violence will not be tolerated. That is what my bill, the Journalist Protection Act, would do.”

The sad thing is that Democrats actually believe this.

The Real News

The truth of the matter is that American journalists are not in any danger. President Trump has never threatened journalists or called for harm to journalists. Instead, he has called out journalists who have botched news stories and intentionally put out fake news.
As members of the press, journalists have a duty to report fairly and accurately. This is something which many journalists have failed to do and pointing this out does not make someone a terrible person. Furthermore, criticism is something which comes along with the territory of journalism. If someone cannot handle being called out on certain things, perhaps a new line of work would better suit them.
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