Dems Are Partying With Lobbyists In Puerto Rico While Government Employees Are Losing Their Homes

At this time, the longest government shutdown in United States history is currently underway. Despite Democrats’ refusal to put egos aside, President Donald Trump remains willing to work with them; of course, in order for the government to reopen, Democrats are going to have to provide funding for the barrier at the Southern border.
However, new reports from The Washington Examiner affirm that a resolution to the government shutdown is further away than ever. At this time, 30+ Democrats are taking time to vacation with lobbyists in Puerto Rico for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC winter retreat.

An Overview of Democrats’ Vacation in Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico retreat currently appears as a diversionary tactic to redirect attention to 2017’s Hurricane Maria and the subsequent damage. Despite Democrats’ purchase of 250 lbs of donated medical supplies, the entire excursion is incredibly high-end and luxurious. Thanks to BOLD PAC, Democrats, their relatives, and chiefs of staff couldn’t ask for a better weekend in Puerto Rico.
One of the most interesting aspects of the Democrats’ vacation is the degree of ambiguity which currently surrounds it. At this time, the specific names of Democrats who are attending remain unclear. Despite reports of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s attendance in Puerto Rico, she supposedly wasn’t able to make the trip.
Of course, the timing of the Puerto Rico retreat couldn’t come at a more interesting and ironic time. For a party which claims to be the champions of the working class, it’s interesting that Democrats are currently living it up instead of remaining in Washington and working with President Trump on border security.

A Statement from the Democrats

Instead of putting their money where they mouths are, Democrats have chosen to point fingers and assign blame to others. Bold PAC Chair Rep. Tony Cardenas released the following public statement about the Democrats’ excursion in Puerto Rico:

“House Democrats voted to open the government multiple times; sadly, Senate Republicans and President Trump are continuing to put partisan politics ahead of our country, forcing the government to remain shut down. As our Bold PAC members make their way to Puerto Rico for this important weekend — the largest contingency of House Democrats to visit Puerto Rico where they’ll be hearing from Commonwealth and local elected officials about the ongoing recovery efforts — we will be closely monitoring the situation in Washington. If there is any progress by Senate Republicans or the White House to reopen the federal government, then we will act accordingly.”

Cardenas then went on to state that the Puerto Rico vacation was previously set up before the government shutdown went into effect.

“This gathering was planned months before Trump decided to shut down the federal government for his unnecessary and costly border wall. The purpose of hosting Bold PAC’s retreat in Puerto Rico is to see and hear from the more than 3.5 million American citizens who have been working tirelessly to rebuild their lives on the Island after Hurricane Maria. This remains a national priority, and it is necessary for us to be there and honor our fellow American children, seniors, veterans, men and women.”

At this point, the Democrats are just blowing hot air. They pretend to be morally superior, high and mighty, and above it all. However, if Democrats were really all of these things, they would be putting forth real legislation that will garner votes in the Senate and a presidential signature instead of partying in Puerto Rico. Actions always speak louder than words.
What do you think of the Democrats’ excursion in Puerto Rico? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!
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