Democrats Work to Distance Themselves from "Defund the Police"

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Over the past several months, the Democrat Party has embraced the “defund the police” narrative. Talks about removing funding from law enforcement followed social unrest after the deaths of George Floyd and other black men who landed in confrontations with law enforcement officers.

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Defunding the police is a narrative that many Democrats have chosen to campaign on for some time. In Georgia, both Democrats in the senatorial runoffs are backed by Defund the Police groups; Jon Ossoff has even openly opined that funding for police officers should be “on the table” for possible elimination.
However, some of the less extreme Democrats in the party are beginning to realize that calls to defund the police aren’t exactly working in the left’s political best interests. This is why some Democrats are now seeking to distance themselves from this rhetoric, per Washington Examiner.

Giving Up on Defunding the Police?

In a twisted sort of irony, mass riots and vandalism of communities perpetrated by supporters of defunding law enforcement only made the case for the necessity of police presence. Earlier this year, Republicans took notice of this and performed outreach in communities hit hardest by crime and riots.
Now, certain Democrats like Virginia Rep. Abigail Spanberger, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, and even former U.S. President Obama are warning against “defund the police” messaging.

According to Spanberger and Manchin, congressional colleagues and concerned citizens alike have expressed negative sentiments regarding the defunding of law enforcement. Sen. Manchin’s acknowledgment of this actually caused him to get into a brief back-and-forth with fellow Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
As some congressional Democrats work to distance themselves from talk of defunding police, Obama is issuing warnings of his own. The 44th president declared in an interview that while “defund the police” is a “snappy slogan,” it turns off “a big audience” and reduces the likelihood of desired reform.

The Politicization of Law and Order

There was a time when most Americans on both political sides agreed on the necessity of law enforcement. However, amid the rise of calls to defund the police, new partisan divides between the left and the right are present.

Republicans repeatedly tear into Democrats for their party members that have adopted anti-police slogans. Some GOP members even stated that the Democrat Party has turned into the party of criminals; meanwhile, cities that actually have decreased funding to their local police departments (such as Los Angeles and New York City) are suffering from crime surges.
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