Democrats Under Fire for Small Business Closures

As many Americans are so very clearly aware of, small businesses are the bedrock of the nation.

They create jobs, serve communities, and allow for people to rise up and make something of themselves. Without small businesses, America would be significantly worse off.

Unfortunately, small businesses have had a very hard time over the past few years. Shutdowns and other restrictions have hurt these establishments; in fact, for some small business owners, they’ve had no choice but to shut down for good.

None of this bodes well for the United States. However, it’s a troubling reality that isn’t going away soon. According to Fox Business, some entrepreneurs are faulting Democrats for the onslaught faced by small businesses.

The Plight of Small Businesses in 2022

On top of the lockdowns and restrictions that plagued 2020 and 2021, small business owners in the United States are now dealing with their establishments being repeatedly vandalized and broken into.

This has become such a significant plight that it’s led to many of these entrepreneurs having to close their doors permanently.

Oregon-based small business owner Eric Post explained that he couldn’t keep running Joule Crafted Nutrition after it was consistently the target of break-ins.

While speaking with Fox News, Post also made it clear that he’s far from an isolated incident. He furthermore explained that thousands of people who are small businesses owners are also shutting down, due to upticks in crime.

Post likewise noted that Oregon has gone nearly four decades without having a Republican governor in office. This plays a significant role in the crime spikes making it impossible for small business owners to stay up and running.

COVID Vaccine Mandates

As it turns out, crime isn’t the only reason why small businesses are finding the reality of being up and running increasingly more challenging.

Small business owners in America also made it clear that COVID vaccine mandates are not doing them any favors as well.

Just like crime, these mandates are overwhelmingly present in communities run by leaders within the Democrat Party. Leaders are deadset on sticking with mandates, despite the fact that COVID vaccines don’t do anything to stop the virus from spreading or infecting people.

Democrats likewise aren’t showing any signs of relenting on their neverending mandates, despite the harm imposed upon small businesses.

This is a huge reason why so many blue states are having people move out and then relocate to business-friendly and freedom-friendly states like Florida, Texas, and Tennessee.

Are you concerned about the adverse impacts that Democrat leadership is having on small businesses in America? Do you believe more small businesses are going to be forced to close as a result of left-wing policies? Let us know your projections in the comments area.