Democrats Still Trying to Pass the Buck on Inflation

Of all the issues currently facing the United States, inflation makes the top of the list for many Americans. This is confirmed by several polls; furthermore, it also makes sense from a practical level.

Inflation is something Americans can’t really escape. It’s there every time people head to the grocery store (assuming they can find what they’re looking for, amid the raging supply chain crisis).

Inflation furthermore materializes when it’s time to put gas in the car, purchase school supplies, or otherwise spend money on basic living expenses that are getting higher and higher.

There is no doubt that inflation is going to be on the ballot during next year’s congressional midterm elections. Nevertheless, as Washington Examiner confirms, Americans are already seeing Democrats try to pass the buck when it comes to ongoing inflation.

The Latest Excuses on Inflation from the Democrats

As time passes, Democrats’ excuses for inflation have shifted. When inflation initially commenced, Democrats claimed it was merely a “transitory” stage towards a golden economy.

Of course, this was a lie. Therefore, Democrats are now shifting the blame to goods producers and saying these companies are intentionally price gouging to screw consumers out of more money.

Biden, who has taken immense steps to reduce energy production in the United States, also ordered the Federal Trade Commission to investigate oil and gas companies, due to surging gas prices.

Meanwhile, Jen Psaki (Biden’s press secretary) faulted the supposed “corporate greed” of meat companies, rather than inflation, for the rise in meat prices.

As many Americans have pointed out, government spending, along with the supply chain issues, has led to low supply and high demand in many regards. This, therefore, engenders higher prices.

The Truth About Left-wing Excuses on Inflation

Comprehending the underlying motivations behind Democrats lying about inflation is not hard. At the end of the day, Democrats want to escape the political consequences of what they’re doing to the United States.

Midterms are less than 12 months away; there’s nothing Democrats would love more than to keep their House and Senate majorities and expand upon them.

Judging from inflation, this is highly unlikely. The left can continue to fault “corporate greed” for higher prices, but this does not hold water, and Americans know it.

Had Biden and the Democrats heeded conservatives’ warnings about excessive spending bills triggering an inflation crisis, America would not be in this current predicament.

Come November 2022, Americans must hold Democrats accountable at the ballot box by voting them out of office.

What do you think about the Democrat Party passing the buck on inflation and trying to blame companies, rather than government spending, for higher prices? In the comments area below, we’re excited to read your thoughts.