Democrats Sour on Biden Amid Afghanistan Fallout

The fallout over Afghanistan is having some real and pressing consequences for President Biden. Bipartisan condemnation has followed his botched removal of American troops from Afghanistan. This led to the rise of the Taliban and the deaths of 13 United States Marines.

Even after all this calamity, Biden refuses to take responsibility for his actions. As a matter of fact, the president has even outrightly declared that there’s no guarantee our government can get all of our people and allies out.

This serves as an indirect admission that U.S. troops and allies could be left behind in Afghanistan and therefore at the mercy of the Taliban. As it turns out, many Americans can see that Biden is going down, not even eight months into his presidency.

This explains why many congressional Democrats up for re-election during next year’s midterms are putting distance between themselves and the current president, per Breitbart News.

The Hidden Embarrassment of House and Senate Democrats

House and Senate Democrats are in a tight spot regarding next year’s midterm races. Due to redistricting and a series of Democrats not seeking re-election in the House, Democrats in the lower congressional chamber are going to have a tough time keeping their majority.

Meanwhile, Senate Democrats face a similar plight. Because the Senate is split into 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats, it would be very easy for the GOP to retake this majority as well. Democrats are very much aware of this reality, even if they aren’t shouting it from the rooftops.

In light of these details, some House and Senate Democrats have determined that putting some distance between themselves and President Biden is best. The Democrats who are currently choosing to steer clear of the 46th president are ones up for re-election in swing districts and swing states.

All in all, these Democrats don’t want Biden’s baggage trickling down onto them and hurting their re-election chances. However, it may already be too late.

A Perfect Representation of Leftist Leadership

President Biden’s job in office thus far is an unfortunate, yet perfect representation of what leftist leadership entails. Biden’s carelessness in Afghanistan cost a record number of our troops’ lives; furthermore, as the fallout continues, Biden is incapable of acknowledging that he could have handled this withdrawal in a much better fashion.

Biden is willing to adhere to deadlines set by the Taliban; however, he won’t show a fraction of cooperation to Republican governors who want parents to choose if their children wear face masks in schools. This is an inept, dangerous president. He, his administration, and his reinforcements in Congress must be voted out of office.

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