Democrats Slammed For Hostility Against Free Speech

In the United States, free speech is a right guaranteed by the Constitution. However, recent years have seen various attacks waged against free speech.

Online censorship and the left-wing “silence is violence” mantra are just a few examples of this. Censorship efforts really took a turn as some folks who don’t adhere to mainstream talking points are accused of spreading so-called “misinformation.”

It’s not hard to read between the lines here and see the real endgame is about controlling what people can and cannot say. Now, Democrats are being held to account for their hostility against free speech, per the Daily Caller.

Hold the Line

Matt Taibbi, a journalist who’s testified before Congress about the infamous Twitter files, recently appeared on Fox News. During his time on air, conversations about free speech and the role Democrats have played in opposing free speech came up.

Taibbi stated that as someone who grew up in a “traditional ACLU liberal” environment, he always believed in free speech. He also admitted his support for free speech and allowing everyone to have a say is what initially drew him to support the Democrat Party in the first place.

Though Taibbi later pointed out that a change happened where Democrats have “reversed” their previous stance of supporting everyone getting a say on issues in this country.

It’s also worth noting Taibbi has found himself under attack from Democrats ever since he brought the Twitter files to light.


The right of the American people to speak freely is not something that can be negotiated. It is within the Constitution’s First Amendment for a reason.

Democrats have every right to voice dissent against speech they don’t like. However, they cannot shut this speech down entirely. Branding speech they disagree with as “misinformation” and seeking to ban it on those grounds also isn’t acceptable.

If the left continues going down the path of censoring anyone who disagrees with them, it’s going to backfire big time.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.