Democrats Slammed for Creating, Ignoring Border Disaster


Open borders do not work. A nation with open borders will face a series of disasters, something that America is currently witnessing first hand. The feckless and horrific individual occupying the Oval Office right now is causing all sorts of problems.

The blame rests with President Biden and the Democrat Party. Democrats got Biden into office and claimed that his presidency would heal America. It’s done the exact opposite, though.

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The southern border isn’t even close to the extent of Biden’s harm to the United States, but it’s a real problem that needs solving. However, Democrats are burying their heads in the sand, underplaying the severity of what’s happening, and playing dumb.

Republicans are not amused. On Monday, House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy hit the Democrats for making light of the disaster they created at the southern border, per Breitbart News.

The Dangerous Reality of Open Borders

While sitting down with Fox News, Leader McCarthy talked about the dangerous reality of open borders. As the California Republican pointed out, a 300% spike in drugs is happening across the country, due to trafficking at the southern border.

This comes on top of the fact that border crossings are currently higher than they’ve been in two decades. Records from the Homeland Security Department confirm as much; however, Secretary Mayorkas is committed to pretending like the facts aren’t what they are.

Furthermore, America’s open borders crisis comes as terrorists have free reign in Afghanistan. The Taliban, ISIS-K, and other terrorists know that getting into the United States is incredibly easy at this point; all they have to do is appear at the U.S.-Mexico border.

After making note of these troublesome realities, McCarthy criticized the Democrat Party for ignoring the very mess they made. The #1 House Republican stated that Democrats and the Biden administration engender problems and then look the other way.

Holding Democrats to Account

In many ways, Republicans are in a tight spot right now. Democrats are presently controlling the Senate and the House; therefore, this leaves little wiggle room for Republicans. With that said, if Republicans take back one or both congressional bodies during the midterms, this will change things.

The GOP is working hard to make this happen. As the midterm races get closer, Republicans are reminding American voters of precisely what is happening with Democrats in charge of the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives.

If Republicans are able to win the midterms next year, it will send a very clear message that the nation does not approve of the path that Biden and his leftist sycophants are on.

What do you think about Leader McCarthy’s statements regarding the southern border crisis? Let us get your insight on what’s currently happening below in the comments section.