Democrats Separating from Biden as November Midterms Approach

As president of the United States, Joe Biden has made one terrible move after the other.

Rather than keep his campaign promises of bringing the country together, he’s actually been more divisive than any other president in US history. Biden’s lashed out against Republicans, claiming the party doesn’t stand for anything.

He’s also failed to get rid of the virus, instead opting for illegal and autocratic mandates that higher courts have since blocked. Biden seems to think all is well with him in office; however, the rest of the nation has a very different outlook.

In fact, Independents and Republicans aren’t the only demographics that Biden’s lost. Even Democrats are getting sick of him; however, Democrats are making this known in very different ways than Independents or Republicans are, as Breitbart News covers.

Covertly Distancing Themselves from Biden

With November midterms being mere months away, scores of Democrats are realizing that being associated with Biden actually decreases their chances of being re-elected. Therefore, many Democrats with races this year are putting space between themselves and the current president.

Both Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock and Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly, when questioned about whether or not they’d like Biden’s support in their upcoming races, took the liberty of not directly answering.

Warnock stated he’s focusing on the constituents in his state. Kelly made similar remarks; however, the Arizona Democrat also noted Biden’s lack of effectiveness when it comes to the United States southern border.

Nevada Democrat Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto is also in a similar boat. When asked about whether she’d bill herself as a “Biden Democrat,” the lawmaker declared herself as a resident of Nevada first and foremost.

Democrats up for congressional re-election this year aren’t the only ones to put space between themselves and Biden. Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams declined to appear in Atlanta when Biden showed up for a speaking event.

Meanwhile, Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke has been clear about not wanting Biden’s assistance in his race. According to O’Rourke, no one in the nation’s capital can be of aid to him; he’s only focusing on the people of Texas.

The Writing on the Wall

With myriad Democrats finding excuses to put space between themselves and the president of their own party, the writing on the wall couldn’t possibly be any clearer.

The truth is that even Democrats can see Biden’s presidency isn’t going so well. With more than 50% of the country disapproving of his job in office, he’s not exactly a popular president.

Democrats aren’t going to openly say this right now for political reasons; however, it’s the unspoken truth that just about everyone knows.

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