Democrats Seek Trump's Testimony During Senate Impeachment Trial

"President Trump Visits the United States" (Public Domain) by The Trump White House Archived

Last month, the House of Representatives brought a second impeachment against Trump.
January’s impeachment of the 45th president happened precisely seven days after rioters laid siege to Capitol Hil. Democrats, along with the ten House Republicans who voted for impeachment, stated that Trump incited the insurrection and should therefore be held accountable.

“President Trump Visits the United States” (Public Domain) by The Trump White House Archived

The Senate impeachment trial for the 45th president is already a hyper-partisan one. Many Republicans believe that putting an ex-president on trial is unconstitutional; others believe that it simply distracts from more important policy matters.
Trump’s impeachment trial starts next week; although, according to Breitbart News, Democrats in the Senate are now seeking to have Trump testify during his trial.

The Push for Trump to Testify During the Senate Impeachment Trial

Maryland Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin sent a letter to the 45th president earlier this month.
In the letter, Raskin noted that the House approved a lone article of impeachment against Trump due to the Capitol riots. The House Democrat then alleged that Trump disputed “factual allegations” within the impeachment article before calling for the 45th president’s testimony.

Rep. Raskin maintains that in light of Trump disputing details within the impeachment article, the former president ought to “provide testimony under oath” either prior to the Senate impeachment trial or during the event itself.
The House Democrat then goes on to claim that should Trump refuse to testify, senators will have the right to claim at trial that the 45th president admits to a “strong adverse inference” regarding his conduct on January 6.

No Deal

Yesterday, Raskin informed that Trump did not agree to deliver a testimony during his upcoming impeachment trial. After stating that the 45th president ought to “welcome the opportunity” to deliver testimony, the House Democrat vowed that, at trial, proof of Trump’s “indefensible” actions will be provided.

Ultimately, Trump is highly likely to be acquitted during his Senate trial next week. While Democrats have the Senate majority, it’s still not enough to garner a two-thirds vote to convict the former president. Such a vote would require support from 17 Senate Republicans; suffice it to say, the numbers to convict Trump simply are not there.
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